Shopify Introduces a Better Way to Communicate With Your Customers Using Facebook Messenger

Shopify and Facebook Messenger announcement

You already use Facebook Messenger to communicate with your friends, now you can use it to communicate with your customers, too.

We’ve been working closely with the team at Facebook to build a better, more personal way for you to stay in touch with customers, one that moves you out of their cluttered inboxes and into a more intimate space. This new integration makes it easy for you communicate with your customers in real-time, answer questions or recommend products, and build stronger, one-on-one relationships, all from within Messenger.

Bringing you and your customers together in one place, where you can deliver a unique and deeply personal customer experience, is the first step in making conversational commerce a part of how we shop.

How does Messenger for Shopify work?

During checkout, shoppers who are signed into Facebook can choose to get order confirmations, shipping updates, customer service, and more through Messenger. Once they’ve opted in, they’ll get their first message, an order confirmation with their payment and shipping details, automatically sent from your business’ Facebook account. Future notifications are automatically sent through Messenger too, including shipping updates and push notifications that let them know their shipment has arrived.

While automating these notifications can make your life easier, and is certainly useful for shoppers, the real magic happens when a customer uses Messenger to send a heartfelt thank you or an unboxing selfie. You, of course, can send messages back, peppered with images, emojis, stickers, GIFS, and links to other products. And, the messages you and your customers send are always available in your chat history, where they can be accessed anytime, on any device.

How will using Messenger help my business grow?

Before the online store, building a relationship with someone who sold you something was part of the shopping experience. Messenger, and conversational commerce in general, brings that aspect back, giving you an opportunity to connect with your customers again, to know their names, and to offer them real-time, personalized service.

But this is really only the start; Messenger will soon be able to do a lot more. Today at F8, Facebook’s developer conference, Facebook announced Bots for Messenger, a way to automate some of the interactions between you and your customer. We’ve already started building commerce bots for Messenger, and you won’t believe some of the things they’ll be able to do.

How can I start using Messenger to communicate with customers?

To start having conversations with your customers, simply add the Messenger channel in Shopify. Once you connect your Facebook Business Page, your customers will be able to send you messages through Messenger. To respond, simply log into your Facebook Page, either on your computer or through the Facebook Pages mobile app, and send messages like usual. You can use Messenger to have conversations with your customers for free.

This feature is available for all Shopify merchants.