We're in the finals

We're in the finals

We're in the finals

We’re very happy to announce that Shopify has been chosen as a finalist for the Webware 100 Awards! Finalists represent the top 250 services out of a pool of over 2000 qualifying Web 2.0 services. Voting for the final 100 begins today and goes until June 11th.

It would be great to see Shopify make the top 100. If you’re a happy Shopify user or if you just love Shopify, please throw a vote our way under the productivity category.



  • Dan
    May 23 2007, 03:30PM

    Put my vote in.

  • Damien Buckley
    Damien Buckley
    May 23 2007, 03:30PM

    You’ve got my vote. Absolutely my top web-based ap for 2006-07

  • Tomasz Gorski
    Tomasz Gorski
    May 23 2007, 03:30PM

    You can also put my Vote keep up the great work. Greetings

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