Fulfillment by Amazon Integrated

Fulfillment by Amazon Integrated

With our recent push to expand our support for fulfillment services we’ve added support for Fulfillment by Amazon to Shopify.

Fulfillment by Amazon Integrated

Amazon says it best with the following from the Fulfillment by Amazon homepage:

Your business should focus on customers and sales – not fulfillment. With this innovative new service, your inventory and orders are processed using the same system used by Amazon.com. When a customer places an order we pick, pack and ship it. No more complicated warehouse and inventory management software. No more worrying about how you’re going to get all those items packed before the pickup time. No more hassles with shipping companies. Just let Amazon do all of it! After 10 years and millions of orders and customers, Amazon has created one of the most advanced fulfillment networks in the world and your business can now benefit from our expertise.


  • Tom W
    Tom W
    November 01 2007, 08:00AM

    Awesome! This is just what I came here looking for. Now on to setup my store… :D (btw, be sure to update your features section as this isn’t in there yet)

  • Chuck McKinnon
    Chuck McKinnon
    November 01 2007, 08:00AM

    Amazing! This will definitely make Shopify my store of choice for a project coming up next year. Thanks!

  • Cody Fauser
    Cody Fauser
    November 01 2007, 08:00AM

    Matt, Shopify’s fulfillment services support will become part of ActiveMerchant in the near future.

  • Matt
    November 01 2007, 08:00AM

    Great news, are there plans to release this functionality as a plugin?

  • tyler rooney
    tyler rooney
    November 01 2007, 08:00AM

    dang, i missed this announcement. that’s awesome news.

  • Catherine Todd
    Catherine Todd
    October 14 2011, 01:42AM

    How do I add “fulfillment by Amazon” to my Shopify site?

  • Janek
    December 31 2011, 12:04AM

    when you be able to choose digital hosting options besides fetch?

  • Danny Staple
    Danny Staple
    January 03 2013, 01:51PM

    Does this work with the UK fulfilment or just the US one?

  • Simon
    August 04 2013, 04:32PM

    Still no news on it being available for us folk in the UK…..

  • Neil
    August 07 2013, 02:39PM

    Amazon.co.uk soon?

  • noran
    June 26 2014, 05:29PM

    How will i send products to amazon

  • Josh
    October 14 2014, 05:53AM

    Hi Danny, Simon, Neil and anyone else that may be interested – There is now an app in the Shopify App Store to help UK merchants connect with Amazon FBA:
    It is also compatible with FBA accounts in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, China, America, Canada and Japan.

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