Australian SecurePay Payment Gateway Integrated

Australian SecurePay Payment Gateway Integrated
Australian SecurePay Payment Gateway Integrated

Shopify now has support for the Australian payment gateweway SecurePay. SecurePay supports processing all the major credit card types including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, and JCB.

SecurePay also supports merchant accounts with most Australian banks including Advance Bank, ANZ Bank, Bank of Melbourne, Bank of SA, Bank West, Commonwealth Bank, Challenge Bank, National Australia Bank, St George Bank, and Westpac Bank.

Some more information from the SecurePay website:

Combining the latest in internet, telephony and banking network technologies, SecurePay delivers real time secure communications and provides dependable connectivity throughout your company, and its suppliers and customers.

Our strategic alliances with financial institutions and telecommunication carriers has enabled the SecurePay Network to deliver complete 24×7 payment services, including processing of financial transactions in real time through all major banks.

We’re happy to add support for another payment gateway to our Australian customers.



  • Matthew Sweet
    Matthew Sweet
    February 19 2008, 11:38AM

    Hi, I just called these guys and spoke to a guy named David. Very helpful and knowledgable!

    Will keep you posted on how it goes integrating this gateway.

  • Hmmmmm
    February 16 2017, 07:07AM

    9 years later and no reply … not sure if thats good news or bad

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