Feature Update: Tags

We’ve updated the Tags functionality in Shopify to make them even more useful. Tags now support both upper and lowercase characters, international characters, spaces and symbols.

As examples, you can now enter these as Tags for your products:

  • Big & Tall
  • John’s Favorite
  • Über-cool

In the Admin section, when you create tags, they are now comma-separated, rather than space separated. In your liquid templates, ideally you should be using the Link to tag filter, then there should be no changes on your end.

Happy tagging!



  • Justin
    September 26 2008, 09:16AM

    Thank you! I will defiantly put this update to use!

  • Ss
    September 26 2008, 09:16AM

    This is fantastic news, right on!

  • Tim
    August 22 2012, 12:13PM

    What’s the difference between TAGS and PROPERTIES? How are they used?


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