CSV Order Export Improvements

CSV Order Export Improvements

In an effort to make things even more convenient, we’ve added two new columns to our CSV Order Exports: “Paid at” and “Fulfilled at”.

You’ll now be able to see when your orders have been paid and as well as when they’ve been fulfilled.

CSV Order Export Improvements


Just in case, here’s a quick reminder on how to export your orders.



  • Chris
    July 02 2010, 05:09PM

    Great stuff – but when will the payment gateway type get added – that would make these CSV exports soooo much more helpful for accounting purposes…?

  • adam
    July 02 2010, 05:09PM

    I’d love to be able to export, not only by orders placed in a given month, but by orders fullfilled in or paid for in a given month. Sometimes, with net 30 day term clients that place an order in June, for example, I don’t want to export that with my June statement but rather with my July statement when I actually get paid.


  • Michael
    July 02 2010, 05:09PM

    If shopify could come up with a export of orders that was importable to MYOB they would be ahead of the rest.

    This really needs to be done.

  • Brian
    July 02 2010, 05:09PM

    The ultimate addition you could make would be an extra column that carries shop owners cost on products. Then these order exports could determine your gross profit on sales and inventory exports could tell you the value of your inventory (this would be a HUGE plus). These things are quite tedious to do without the simple addition of this field.

  • phetlyBophy
    February 13 2012, 09:52AM

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