Shopify Mobile 2.0 Released

Shopify Mobile 2.0 Released
Just in time for the holiday shopping season, and after nearly 6 months of research, design, and development we're thrilled to announce the second iteration of our iPhone / iPod Touch application. We've received a tremendous amount of feedback from the over 1,600 shops using the application, and have worked hard to ensure this release is tailored for our customers on the go. Shopify Mobile

Redesigned Dashboard

We see the dashboard as the most important tool for mobile store owners. Most of you simply want to check the pulse of your store during the day, and so we set out to make the dashboard more informative and usable.
Shopify Mobile

Improved Order Management

Prior to this release, several steps were needed to capture funds and fulfill an order. Easily accessible buttons now give you instant access to fulfill, capture, and close your orders.
Shopify Mobile

Inventory Management Made Easy

We've introduced the ability to update inventory counts, toggle inventory tracking, and edit all product variant attributes.
Shopify Mobile


To download the latest release, visit the App Store on your Apple iOS device, or download from iTunes.

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  • Alex
    December 07 2010, 04:02PM

    good work keep it up guys.

  • Patrick
    December 07 2010, 04:02PM

    When will a Blackberry app be made similar to this?

  • IngenuiTEA Infuser
    IngenuiTEA Infuser
    December 07 2010, 04:02PM

    Downloading it now, I used the previous version but found it a little hit or miss at updating.

    Love how shopify evolves keep up the good work!

  • jhill
    December 07 2010, 04:02PM

    this is so great!!

  • Fred
    December 07 2010, 04:02PM

    Android anytime soon?

  • hop
    December 07 2010, 04:02PM

    Looks beautiful, I actually uninstalled the previous version because it was so ugly/clunky. This new version has randomly push notified me today of 3 different orders of varying amounts that never happened though…

  • Horny Goat Weed
    Horny Goat Weed
    December 07 2010, 04:02PM

    Looking good guys! I know its a huge thing implementing a smart phone app of a framework you have perfected over years of hard work on a non-smart phone platform, but im glad to see that it is gaining the attention and improvements, very inspiring and I will be using my Shopify app more and more as time rolls forward, thats for sure. Thanks again for the update Shopify, much appreciated!

  • lee
    December 07 2010, 04:02PM

    love it! 2 comments though.
    1. on the dashboard, the top black part take so much more room that there is not much left to view the overview without scrolling. it just feel really tight.
    2. you’re now unable to view order/overview by week/month :(

    otherwise, looks great. thanks for the update!


  • MDS
    December 07 2010, 04:02PM

    Does this new application let you find out sales figures for custom periods, or have they removed that to only allow sales figures for that day?

  • Derek
    December 07 2010, 04:02PM

    Also wanting an Android app

  • Jack
    December 07 2010, 04:02PM

    Looks awesome… hoping for an Android app soonish though :)

  • Andrew Skerry
    Andrew Skerry
    December 07 2010, 04:02PM


    Firstly I would like to say the app is fantastic and is a major help to keep track of my orders when on the move.

    The only thing I found was that when I installed the latest version the products stared to load and then stopped, after going in the app again I found none of my products to be listed.

    All else seems fine and dandy!


  • Ole
    December 07 2010, 04:02PM

    Great work. Would it be possible to include the SKU in the push notification for single item orders? So instead of “- 1 item” it could say “1 XYZ-3”

  • Ole
    December 07 2010, 04:02PM

    Another thing: conversion rate per day should be calculated as a function of unique visitors vs transactions and not pageviews as seems to be the case at the moment.

  • Golf Cult
    Golf Cult
    December 07 2010, 04:02PM

    Looks great, but it is crashing on me big time when I scroll through the products. Keeps kicking me out of the app.

  • Dub Central
    Dub Central
    December 07 2010, 04:02PM

    Seems very buggy

    My Dashboard is only showing Todays Revenue and page hits – no other events showing up. I saw a new order with the amount but that was it.

    I can’t see any Products at all – just a message saying “No Products found”

    I can’t find a way to list all my orders without entering something in the search bar. I would like to just list all orders as it does in the web site.

    Could be a really useful App once a bit better sorted

  • Jake
    December 07 2010, 04:02PM

    android please!

  • Scott Mosteller
    Scott Mosteller
    December 07 2010, 04:02PM

    VERY COOL – Will be downloading this right now! Good job guys!

  • Dub Central
    Dub Central
    December 07 2010, 04:02PM

    Ok – so it’s thrown me out of the App a couple of times but at least I can see Products and Events in the Dashboard now. Orders are now showing up too in date order.

    Products seems a bit strange too – I can only see 2 – listed Alphabetically – S and W only!

  • Mark
    December 07 2010, 04:02PM

    My iPhone Shopify app is showing 17 visitors 1 sale…
    1/17 *100 = 5.88235294 round up to 6% conv. rate

    But the app displays as 0.06% conv.rate, I should imagine that will be an easy fix in the next update! : )

    Other than that I love the new layout and how I can now manage products from my phone.

    Great work guys

  • Lance Mayfield
    Lance Mayfield
    December 07 2010, 04:02PM

    Love the new look. It’s great in every aspect, the only thing I miss is the available custom feature. I use it to view how much we have made in total sales. Also cannot view all transactions from the beginning, only shows the most recent. The traffic stat of conv rate is great.

  • Tyler
    December 07 2010, 04:02PM

    just want to echo the desire for an android alternative.

  • Gemma
    December 07 2010, 04:02PM

    Any ideas if and when a similar Google Android app will be available?

  • Tony
    December 07 2010, 04:02PM

    I’d love to see an Android app as pretty as this iPhone app! :)

  • Two Tall Tree's
    Two Tall Tree's
    December 07 2010, 04:02PM

    looks awesome, we anxiously await some Android love at

  • Jeff
    December 07 2010, 04:02PM

    It’s nice to see the iPhone app get an update (the first release didn’t work at all on my wife’s iPhone), but add me to the ranks of those hoping for an Android version :)

  • Cindyb
    December 07 2010, 04:02PM

    Great to see you guys updating things but the feature I used the most – the custom date range – is missing and I need that feature to know my running sales. I think this is a major feature that needs to be brought back…

  • brian
    June 12 2011, 09:23AM

    How about an Android version? At this point there has be nearly as many Android users as iPhone. Theres 10 others above requesting the same.

  • AndroidShopify
    July 12 2011, 06:27AM

    Great news! We are working on an app similiar to Shopify Mobile for Android. Please have a look at to get the latest news on the progress of this project. Any help and suggestions would be highly appreciated.

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