Google +1 For Your Shopify Store

Google +1 For Your Shopify Store
You've undoubtedly heard the buzz around the new Google +1 button, but if you haven't or simply want to learn more, here's a brief rundown: It's Google's answer to the Facebook "Like" button... something like a virtual stamp of approval or a button that says "this is awesome!" Since it's Google, it'll probably catch on like wildfire, so starting today you'll be seeing these little +1 buttons all over the web. 
Google +1 For Your Shopify Store

We added a Google +1 to the Shopify homepage this afternoon, so feel free to check out what the new button looks like in action
Our resident SEO Analyst (search engine optimization), Alex, wrote a great article on our Build-A-Business Blog that outlines all the details and goes in depth on how to use this new feature from Google and what it means for your Shopify store. 



  • Mike E
    Mike E
    June 01 2011, 08:12PM

    “Since it’s Google, it’ll probably catch on like wildfire…”

    You must have never heard of Google Buzz.

    Sorry for poking the badger but somebody has to. :D

  • Stan Winstone
    Stan Winstone
    June 01 2011, 09:16PM

    Ha- exactly it will either catch on like wildfire or fizzle out like a match in the wind. But it being Google you’ll endlessly hear about it however it goes.

  • @Shopify Mark Hayes
    Mark Hayes
    June 01 2011, 09:29PM

    Mike & Stan: Hahaha, touché. :-)

  • Jamie
    June 02 2011, 07:55AM

    Sounds exciting, it’ll be interesting to see how this changes sharing…

    As for adding it to my Shopify site – are there any CSS instructions for Shopify themes. I currently use addthis on our site and managed to add it to the addthis div but there is no spacing. Any ideas how to add some padding?


  • K
    June 02 2011, 03:45PM

    Thanks Mark. Are there any stats that show how each +1 page is doing?

  • @Shopify Alex Commons
    Alex Commons
    June 02 2011, 05:14PM

    Jamie: AddThis makes it very easy to add the +1 button to your site. Check out their resources for getting the button included in your AddThis tool:

    K: Google hasn’t really fleshed out the statistics for +1 yet unfortunately. However, they have promised to include a dashboard in Google Webmaster Tools to see how many +1’s you are receiving for particular pages over time. If you are looking at getting something set up in the mean time check out the links at the bottom of my blog post over on the Build a Business blog here:

  • Nick Shockett
    Nick Shockett
    June 02 2011, 05:22PM

    Where does the +1 “like” appear from a social networking standpoint? It’s clear in Facebook if i like something my network of friends sees this, but where does your “score” appear with the Google +1 button? I tried a Google search for Shopify and you would have thought on the results page would be an obvious place, but it wasn’t there. So what does it actually do then?

  • @Shopify Alex Commons
    Alex Commons
    June 02 2011, 06:05PM

    Nick: The +1 activity of your network will show up visually in search results. I am fairly certain the “score” wont be made public unless you choose to share how many times the button has been clicked; as we do on our homepage. I too have been getting really inconsistent displays of +1 in the SERP’s and when I do it usually just tells me “You +1’d this!”. For now the actual impact of this on search results is a mystery because Google doesn’t want to reveal too much about their search algorithm. As time goes on however we will have a much better idea of how it works and it’s impact on search. In the meantime I highly recommend capitalizing on the +1 button’s novelty and install it on your site.

  • Jesse Bellavance
    Jesse Bellavance
    June 02 2011, 10:11PM

    I followed the link and they state to place the code as stated below:

    <!-- Place this tag in your head or just before your close body tag -->

    <!-- Place this tag where you want the +1 button to render -->

    Where does the tag exist in these themes.


  • Russell
    June 03 2011, 04:33AM

    In which theme is the code placed?

  • jesse bellavance
    jesse bellavance
    June 03 2011, 07:49AM

    Sorry I meant to write “where do I place the code”. I found the spot and now have it working well on my site. Thanks for responding.

  • sarah
    June 03 2011, 10:09AM

    Im not sure how much this will catch on but it’s a good idea. Are you able to leave a comment?

  • @Shopify Alex Commons
    Alex Commons
    June 03 2011, 10:56AM

    Thanks for all the great comments!

    Russell: It depends on what URL you want your users to “+1”. If you want users to +1 on your homepage then place the code in index.liquid, if you want it on your product page then place it in product.liquid.

    Sarah: There is currently no support for commenting when you +1. As for it catching on, only time will tell, but in my opinion this is much easier to use and more useful than something like Google Buzz.

  • Yvonne
    June 12 2011, 12:51PM

    I’m logged into my Google account and went to Shopify and I see nothing new – nothing that says click here for Google +1 Well hidden at this point. I’ll check back later or you can connect the dots for me and specifically point me in the right direction to check out.

  • Natasha
    June 30 2011, 10:01AM

    Now that Google+ has been released, I can see that Shopify was ahead of things by adding +1 to the site! Let us see if it catches on.

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