Shopify Donates $100,000 to Acumen Fund

Shopify Donates $100,000 to Acumen Fund

We’re celebrating our 5 year anniversary this month by making a $100,000 donation to the Acumen Fund Shopify Donates $100,000 to Acumen Fundon behalf of our 16,000 store owners. The Acumen Fund is a not-for-profit venture that addresses poverty in South Asia and East Africa, and will use the donation to support pioneering entrepreneurs who are focused on providing critical goods and services such as water, healthcare, housing, and energy to the poor in their native countries. 

We're deeply rooted in entrepreneurship here at Shopify (our founder and CEO, Tobi, started Shopify out of his basement), so we decided to do something that demonstrates our passion toward entrepreneurship, while expressing our commitment to helping those in developing countries. We also wanted to do something special on our 5th birthday to thank our awesome customers (we love you!) and let them know how much we appreciate them.

We learned about the Acumen Fund through one of our Build-A-Business Contest partners, Seth Godin, who is on their Advisory Council. From day one, it was clear that the Acumen Fund's mandate coincides perfectly with the spirit of Shopify and we're proud to call them our partner! 



  • Rebecca Lynn
    Rebecca Lynn
    June 28 2011, 03:09PM

    I’m proud to be a Shopify customer! I haven’t heard of The Acumen Fund before but it sounds like a wonderful endeavour. Thanks!

  • Lauren
    June 28 2011, 08:58PM

    You know, I’m all for entrepreneurship but… I’m working as hard as I can to keep my business running in an uncertain economy. If Shopify feels they have to donate some of the money I’ve had them to pay in order to have my online store I wish they’d do it here at home.

  • Lauren
    June 28 2011, 09:00PM

    Wouldn’t be nicer if Shopify let its customers name their own charities since the money is coming from that source?

  • Dominic
    June 28 2011, 10:47PM

    Cheers to the Shopify Team. You’ve earned what we pay you for the valuable services you provide. Thanks for sharing your rewards as you see fit. It’s your privilege. Thanks for including me in whatever goods works you choose.

  • rohini
    June 29 2011, 03:14AM

    it was realy wonderful blog..!

  • Paul T
    Paul T
    June 29 2011, 04:06AM

    Fantastic and thanks !! :)

  • Peter W
    Peter W
    June 29 2011, 08:49AM

    The CEO and founder, Jacqueline Novogratz, pays herself $265,225.00 a year acceding to Charity Navigator:

    I guess my grandmother was right, the real money is in non-profit.

  • @Shopify Mark Hayes
    Mark Hayes
    June 29 2011, 01:14PM

    Peter: Thanks so much for your post, and it’s good to see you’re concerned about how the funds are spent! :-)

    Here’s some food for thought: With regard to the Acumen Fund CEO’s salary, everything has a market price. Given the large amount of assets, size, and complexity of the Acumen Fund, the breadth of CEO responsibilities is considerable. The Board of Directors has a responsibility to ensure the Fund has an excellent leader.

    When looking at the number you quoted, I like to put it in context…. imagine what some of these not-for-profit and non-profit CEO’s would make leading a similarly sized company in the for-profit sector. The answer is millions and millions a year + stock options + a company jet + __________..etc..etc..

  • Stefan
    June 29 2011, 03:43PM

    Well if the CEO s that good, maby some of those million s, whod keep her/him on the track doing non-proffit work for some time. Doctors do it, lawers etc knowing what (for them) a most modest salery can do for those in need. The carma invest shuld be enuff. But.. I understad youre point. Sorry for my por spelling.

  • Richard
    July 01 2011, 08:41PM

    Mark’s response is a very valid one.

    Everything comes at a cost and there are many talented individuals out there who choose not to earn the many millions that they could in a for-profit environment.

  • eda
    July 07 2011, 10:24PM

    I am surprised to know that I am donating to Acumen Fund through Sopify. My good friend is deeply invoved with them voluntary. So, I shall stay with Shopify then :)

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