Product Update: Shopify Mobile Admin now available to everyone

This is a follow up to our announcement about the Shopify Mobile Beta

After a few tweaks to the interface and fixing a few minor issues, we're proud to announce that the Mobile admin is now available to every Shopify shop owner.  You can now at a glance, see how many sales you've made today and inspect the status of your products.

This is our first step in bringing a similar experience for the iOS app to your Android, BlackBerry or other smartphone device.



  • Jeff
    August 09 2011, 06:13PM

    Looks like it could be nice, but it’s not working for me on my Android phone. Just sits there at “loading” after logging in.

    Will there be some way to get to the full interface if we need to? Is this a limited interface or can we do everything we can in the full interface with this? I do occasionally need to really get in there from wherever I happen to be and make a substantive change to my store or a product while on the go.

  • Louis
    August 09 2011, 07:25PM

    It’s gimped on my Android too. All dates fail as well. We display dates in the correct order in Australia… DD/MM/YY

  • Chris
    August 09 2011, 09:22PM

    Bummer for you guys, it’s pretty cool on my iPhone and iPad. Thanks Shopify peeps

  • @Shopify csaunders
    August 10 2011, 09:29AM

    @Jeff and @Louis
    That’s quite strange, since I’ve done much of the development against a Nexus One.

    If you logged into your shop before this announcement there may be a strange caching issue going on. Clearing your browser cache should fix it.

  • greg adkins
    greg adkins
    August 10 2011, 12:50PM

    The mobile worked on my iPhone for a couple of days, however for the last 4 days it won’t load. iPhone calls my the browser page. I have both the browser and the On the Go published.

    (However, when it was working it was a beautiful thing. Any ideas on what we need to do to get it running.

    The only big issue I see is the mobile interface calls for the product list, this creates a hugh usability problem as large product list return too much data. The option to return collections would be a winning solution!

  • Aaron Shaffier
    Aaron Shaffier
    August 11 2011, 03:01AM

    I am glad it is available to Android users, but when will you guys put out a working app for the iphone?

  • Jeff Vierling
    Jeff Vierling
    August 17 2011, 06:50PM

    Can you still access the “old” admin someway? The mobile app isn’t usable for my store because the fulfill action causes an email to be sent to the customer saying their product has shipped, when it’s actually only been fulfilled to the factory and won’t ship for a week or so (products are custom made to order). There’s no way to disable sending the shipped email to the customer like there is on the regular web admin. Does the web mobile have the same limitation?

  • @Shopify csaunders
    August 19 2011, 03:30PM

    Currently the mobile admin offers read-only to much of it, with the ability to modify product information (tags, inventory, etc).

    You can still access the standard admin interface by clicking on the “More” button on the bottom of the mobile admin screen. From there you’ll see a “Use Regular Admin” button.

    We reduced the number of items returned all the pageable items down to 50 per request. You’ll need to make more requests to get your products, but they should respond much faster.

  • Jeff Vierling
    Jeff Vierling
    August 22 2011, 03:11PM

    Great – thank you for keeping the link to the full admin around. It’s the best of both worlds to use the mobile admin for simple stuff and regular admin for more complex interactions.

  • alexandre
    August 25 2011, 12:48PM

    it’s not working at all on opera mini + blackberry bold.

  • Stefan
    September 08 2011, 06:19PM

    also not working on iPod Touch 1st G.

  • Stefan
    September 08 2011, 06:20PM

    on iPod touch the screen stays white and it is also not posible to access the old admin.

  • reiss
    October 18 2011, 08:02PM

    ios5 has killed the shopify app on iPhone guys. it was a bit flaky before but now it crashes more often than not & no traffic data is being pulled through.

  • lewin
    October 26 2011, 08:13AM

    Me too. Can’t do anything now with OS5.

  • Danny Policarpo
    Danny Policarpo
    October 27 2011, 10:57AM

    Same for me iOS 5 has killed it completely no traffic data, un reliable inventory data and orders don’t get pulled through. Never once got push notifications for orders also which was annoying!

    Sort it out Shopify especially as you pride yourselves on great customer service.

  • John
    May 28 2012, 09:07AM

    I can’t see a Blackberry App anywhere for this?…

  • Leslie Padorr
    Leslie Padorr
    January 30 2013, 03:17PM

    I’m using a Nexus. I’ve cleared the cache – still nothing.

    Have you given up on this app? Please try, it would be so useful. Thanks,

  • Jill
    February 25 2013, 04:47PM

    How do I install this on my iphone?

  • Dominique Hamon
    Dominique Hamon
    July 08 2013, 09:55PM

    Is there a beginners guide for this App as Im really wanting to use this App when I launch my first shop ,Im dropshipping as well,I also am about to buy a new phone for the business but I prefer Samsung Galaxies over iPhones….what do you Customers recommend

  • katie
    February 24 2014, 09:22PM

    what is the shopify app called for android phone as we cant find it?

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