New Feature: Discount Codes for Customer Groups

New Feature: Discount Codes for Customer Groups

Shopify's discount codes get another new trick today! You can now offer discount codes that can only be used by certain customer groups.

Example: Say you've created a customer group for wholesale customers:

New Feature: Discount Codes for Customer Groups

Now you can create a new discount that is only usable by customers in this group.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • You won't see the option "customer in group" if you are using Guest Checkout. If you don't see it, go to Preferences > Checkout & Payment, scroll down to Customer Checkout Settings and choose Guest checkout with optional sign in or Sign in required
  • Your customers will only be able to apply the discount code if they are signed in during checkout. If Guest Checkout is available and they choose to checkout as a guest, they won't be able to use the discount code.



  • cathy
    October 05 2011, 01:34PM

    how do you add a customer group? don’t see that option on my customer page.

  • @Shopify Joshua
    October 05 2011, 01:50PM

    If you click on “All Customers” in the sidebar, then click where it says “Start typing to filter customers…” in the main window, you can type a query, or add filters.

    Once you have added a query or filter, the sidebar will now have a button that says “Save as Customer Group”. If you click that button, you’ll be asked to give the new group a name. When you type a name and click the “Save” button, the new group will be created.

  • Lucy
    October 06 2011, 06:23AM

    This is a great feature and almost solves a difficult problem I have been facing. We are UK based but ship lots of orders overseas, which should not be charged tax, as is charged to UK customers. Could this functionality also be used to apply a tax discount for a customer group of ‘non-UK customers’?

  • @Shopify Joshua
    October 06 2011, 04:33PM

    Hi Lucy – This is probably not going to solve that particular problem. You’d have to require sign-in, and you’d have to require non-UK customers use a coupon code during checkout.

  • Charles Marsh
    Charles Marsh
    October 06 2011, 05:48PM

    Can you access customer group data from the frontend, so I could say something like… if == ‘group-one’ do something?

  • Trevor
    October 07 2011, 09:52AM

    Is there a way to automatically apply the discount if a user is logged in. For instance a customer signs in, when they go to the item it shows an already discounted price? or is the discount codes only available at checkout?

  • Kishan
    October 07 2011, 07:14PM

    Awesome! This is a great feature for giving special benefits to members of a loyalty program.

  • Ann Wooledge
    Ann Wooledge
    October 10 2011, 04:50PM

    Well, this is just awesome. You’ve just saved me countless hours and lots of paperwork! Plus this is so much more professional!! Thank you!! Just one question. My first time wholesale customers have to purchase a certain amount of dollar value and a different dollar values for any following orders. How can I add that filter – or can I? I know I can add it before I choose “customer group”, but not in addition to?

  • Harold
    October 10 2011, 05:00PM


    Now I only have two requests for the promo codes :-)
    1. shippingcost discount
    2. VAT discount

    Any chance these will be added soon? :-)

  • Ann Wooledge
    Ann Wooledge
    October 10 2011, 07:58PM

    Well – I was all excited and thought this would be a great way to handle wholesale customers, but how do I keep from charging my local statement customers tax? Is there a way to delete the sales tax option for that entire group? Thanks.

  • Laura
    November 17 2011, 12:51AM

    Hi Joshua — Thanks for the good news on this. I’d like to have a customer group for anyone who lives in my town, so that I can offer them free delivery. (I know there is now a free shipping promo code feature, but since only one promo code can be used per order, I’d prefer to implement this via customer group so locals can use other discounts.) Any chance “location” can be made more granular than country, such as the town? Thank you!

  • Corey Rennell
    Corey Rennell
    November 21 2011, 07:47PM


    Thanks for the info!

    Right now, I only have Guest Checkout but I would like Guest Checkout with sign in. When I click that, it asks for a login, but doesn’t allow users to create an account. How do I make that available?

    Thank you!


  • Benjamin Leis
    Benjamin Leis
    November 22 2011, 11:23PM

    Thanks for this. Are there any groupon type promotions available?

  • Jennifer
    November 25 2011, 03:59AM

    Hi Josh,

    The filters seem to limit my search a bit too much, is there a way I can pull up Prospect orders for the whole year and not just month or week?


  • Calum Sabey
    Calum Sabey
    December 03 2011, 03:28AM

    Hi, We are planning on building a website with trade and public access. The trade prices will be cheaper than public, although not by the same % on all items (ie items will be calculated on an individual basis). Can your site be used to create independent pricing groups for trade and public account holders. Thanks Calum

  • Calum Sabey
    Calum Sabey
    December 03 2011, 03:29AM

    Hi, We are planning on building a website with trade and public access. The trade prices will be cheaper than public, although not by the same % on all items (ie items will be calculated on an individual basis). Can your site be used to create independent pricing groups for trade and public account holders. Thanks Calum

  • Alphonse
    June 15 2012, 01:18PM

    We have a unique requirement – we want to offer x% discount for (product that fall in specific category) AND (to customers that fall into a group)

    10% discount on all apparel for loyal customers
    2% discount on all electronics for loyal customers

    Is there a way of doing this in Shopify?

  • Jane
    January 30 2013, 07:24AM

    I’m trying out the trial plan. I have added a customer group. However, when i create discount code, they did not prompt me to select the customer group.

    Please advise. Thanks.

    March 23 2013, 10:03PM

    This is great, but what’s really needed is the ability to add a specific product or collection to cross with that customer group.

    March 27 2013, 07:34PM

    I found what I needed. “Customer Pricing” from Shappify. This app does everything needed. I HIGHLY recommend Shopify consider buying this app from Shappify.

  • DrewC
    September 06 2013, 06:40PM

    I cannot figure out how to create these customer groups in shopify 2.0. Did the option to “Save as Customer Group” disappear with the update?

  • Olivia
    January 02 2014, 09:43PM

    I am experiencing the same issue as DrewC. The option “Save as Customer Group” is no longer available in shopify 2.0. Can someone help me find this?

  • Olivia
    January 18 2014, 12:43PM

    Hi Rob,

    I’m not sure why I am not able to complete this. When in Customers tab, I am trying to add a new filter tagged with “new-customer” in the typing field.. It does not do anything. Perhaps I’m performing the wrong steps. If someone from Shopify could please help me out, or if it’s better that you email me, you can at I appreciate your help!


  • Arielle
    September 28 2015, 05:07PM

    Hi – Im wondering if you can create a new location for a customer group, such as customers located on the east coast? or a set of specific zip codes? Thank you

  • matt
    April 10 2016, 08:58PM

    Has this feature been removed? I’m looking in the admin/discounts/new and don’t see the fields in this knowledge base article.

  • Alex
    December 04 2016, 07:26PM

    This feature appears to have been removed. The “Save as Customer Group” option does not appear on the sidebar after you filter your customers. Can someone from shopify please address this issue? It’s kind of absurd to not be able to assign a different price structure to certain customer categories such as wholesale buyers, local only, friends and family, etc.

  • Brent
    January 12 2017, 12:43AM

    Yeah, wehre is this feature? Don’t tell me it’s been removed and put behind a paywall / into an app? I pay enough to shopify for these services to work.

  • Dan
    January 16 2017, 02:23PM

    This feature seems to have been renamed but not removed. Click “save this search” and give it a name and that name will appear on the discount page as a customer group.

  • John
    January 25 2017, 05:11PM

    Has anyone been able to get the discount code to automatically apply once the user in the group has logged in?

  • Nadine
    March 02 2017, 02:38PM

    John, there is not. Also- I just brought it to Shopify’s attention that even if a code is assigned to a group, that anyone who knows the code can use it and it will be applied, even if they are not in the group. They are working on a fix.

    You can, however, use a 3rd party app (I’ve found a few free ones) that will generate a follow-through URL that will automatically apply the code at checkout without the customer having to type it in. I suppose that works for all instances whether they are member of a group or not. I like the app " Auto Discount Popup From URL" . I usually disable the pop up, so the customer just sees the discount at checkout.

  • Will B
    Will B
    July 17 2017, 03:59AM

    Is this functionality apply for all store include free version or for any particular paid store like shopify plus

  • Elle
    August 01 2017, 12:06PM

    Has this been fixed yet as I have followed all the steps etc but when I test it out as a guest I can still use the discount even though it is only supposed to be for people in the customer group?

    Paying a lot of money here for basic functionality that doesn’t work.

  • Elle
    August 01 2017, 12:27PM

    never mind, I fixed it

  • Tristan
    April 23 2018, 12:05PM

    Hi there,

    I’m trying to set up a discount code for new customers only, so customers who have never ordered before.  Essentially I’m trying to set up a negative criteria, so that all current/previous customers are excluded from using the discount code.  Is this possible at all?



    November 15 2018, 08:53AM

    Hi there,

    I need to setup a discount by specific groups of customers but i just can select México as a country, and i need select by states in México like Sinaloa, Nuevo Leon, Yucatan. Just some of them.

    Is this possible?

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