6 Ingredients for a Good Ecommerce Blog

6 Ingredients for a Good Ecommerce Blog


There are a few key ingredients to improve your blog and make it something worth sharing. Although it may be increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd, it's still very important to have an awesome blog that compliments your online store. 

Here are 6 ingredients that make up a good ecommerce blog with Shopify stores as examples:

1. Offer Good & Relevant Content

Good and relevant content keeps people coming back. Provide highly engaging and relevant content. Shopify store Wingsets has a blog that compliments their online store perfectly! They sell organic health products, and their blog is an emporium of articles dedicted to helpful information about nutrition and wellness. They have fun DIY projects, recipes, warnings, and even some myth busters. 

1. Offer Good & Relevant Content

2. Make it Pretty (or Handsome)

Don't kid yourself - your blog needs to be visually appealing. Shopify store Taylor Stitch has a gorgeous blog called Sailor Twitch: The Adventures & Discoveries of Taylor Stitch. The content is great and the design is spot on. They even designed a special logo just for their blog. Very handome.

2. Make it Pretty (or Handsome)

3. Show Your Product in Action

This is your chance to show your product off. You can do this using images or video, and feel free to encourage your customers to send you pictures of them using/wearing your product. Shopify store The Wallee has a popular blog where they upload pictures submitted by their customers. Below you'll see they've published a picture from a local espresso bar that's using The Wallee iPad mount in their restaurant office.

3. Show Your Product in Action 

4. Keep it Short and Snappy

Keeping your content short and snappy is a good way to ensure people read your posts. In this day and age where  millions of bloggers are competing for everyone’s attention, you can rarely get away with huge paragraphs that just ramble on. Shopify store Good As Gold is great at posting lots of quick and fun posts. Notice the post below is quick, it's got awesome visuals and even a special deal with a link to their store. 

4. Keep it Short and Snappy

5. Go Behind the Scenes

Here's a great opportunity to give people a glimpse behind the scenes of your shop, and if you're comfortable with it, your life. Shopify store HAVEN has two separate blogs, one for their shop, and one for their staff. This encourages customers to build personal relationships with the staff (and company), which makes repeat visits (and purchases) far more likely.

5. Go Behind the Scenes

6. Social Media

It's incredible to consider that just five years ago virtually no one had even heard of Twitter or Facebook. The influence of social media extends to almost every aspect of our lives now, so it's vital that you let people share your articles. Include share buttons  to Twitter, Facebook, and LinedIn at the minimum.  Check out the social media buttons we use here on the Shopify blog. I don't really need to put a screen shot, but hey... why not?

6. Social Media



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  • FraternalTies.com
    December 27 2011, 05:52PM

    How exactly do I add these social media buttons on my shopify blog and product pages? I have searched the forums, etc and I couldn’t find a tutorial on how to do this. Please help. Thank you.

  • Jen
    August 13 2013, 02:27AM

    how do I add a follow button or opt in button to my blog?

  • April Bush
    April Bush
    October 05 2013, 06:42PM

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  • amir
    August 26 2014, 12:42PM

    hey guys, how do u add social sharing to ur blog? pereferbly on the side bar, or underneath each blog


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