Help Decorate Shopify HQ 4.0

Help Decorate Shopify HQ 4.0

We outgrew our office again. Yesterday was our first day at Shopify Headquarters 4.0. We didn't move far - in fact, just down the block a little, but the space is much larger (triple the size) and insanely awesome. Only thing is... we need some help decorating.

Help Decorate Shopify HQ 4.0

Our new office is close to 20,000 sq ft and primarily open concept. Our fearless leader, Tobi, has given each employee and department a budget to equip their space with whatever they want. Only stipulation: It needs to be purchased from a Shopify store. We're looking for typical and not so typical office stuff: 

  • Artwork
  • Stationary 
  • Gadgets
  • Tools of Productivity
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Musical Instruments
  • Toys & Games 
  • Lasers
  • Robots
Submit your suggestion by leaving a link in the comments below, then go here and link to the item again.



  • Matt
    January 03 2012, 11:57AM

    We sell cool custom-made sandbags for exercise:

    And we can make them in pink (if you like that kind of thing).

  • Eric Miller
    Eric Miller
    January 03 2012, 12:03PM

    No office kitchen is complete without a popsicle maker! (Plus, their my Shopify client)

  • elizabeth
    January 03 2012, 12:12PM

    No office is complete without explodingdog artwork on its walls! We can negotiate custom framing too.

  • Miguel
    January 03 2012, 12:15PM

    Several exclusive editions and prints from Sougwen Chung, Andy Gilmore (Wired Magazine cover artist), Michael Cina, and University of Michigan paper engineer Matthew Shlian

  • Ed Sexton
    Ed Sexton
    January 03 2012, 12:20PM

    You haven’t mentioned it above, but you really need sheepskin rugs on the floor for that added luxury (especially when walking about in socks).

  • SteveD
    January 03 2012, 12:24PM

    Play you r music loud enough that the boss cant be heard. Find the answer in our IPOD station!

  • marceline
    January 03 2012, 12:42PM

    sticky notes and pads in a variety of fun designs!

  • khedaywi
    January 03 2012, 12:44PM

    Well, for the dogs in your office (and sometimes people) you’d definitely need a Glow-in-the-Dark Indestructible Ball.

  • Justin Winter
    Justin Winter
    January 03 2012, 01:13PM

    You need some candles to help cover the stench of developer sweat! Plus it will look good, is eco-friendly, and you will get a ring in your candle worth a minimum of $10!

  • The Valyous
    The Valyous
    January 03 2012, 02:10PM

    We have lots of hand pulled screen prints! Our tentacle print would look great on a wall!

  • Hei Moose
    Hei Moose
    January 03 2012, 02:14PM

    For your artwork collections we offer a cool yet rare soft owl to sit at the corner of your office and keep its eye on what’s going on!

  • Christiana
    January 03 2012, 02:51PM

    We think our wallpapers and wall decals would make a fabulous edition to your office space! Congrats on the move!

    OR our studios, letter trays, pin boards etc!:

  • Chelsea Bell Eady
    Chelsea Bell Eady
    January 03 2012, 03:03PM

    How about Drink Toques from to keep your beverages distinct from each other – and fashionable!

  • Roman Eirich
    Roman Eirich
    January 03 2012, 03:40PM

    Hey, we got some nice 8bit Poster. have a look!

  • Leo Wolff
    Leo Wolff
    January 03 2012, 04:32PM

    You guys rock — love the concept! Shopify just got even awesomer in my book of places I’d secretly love to work haha.

    Any one of our original chalkboards would make a great addition to your new space! All made in New Zealand too ;D

  • Dav
    January 03 2012, 05:24PM

    perhaps a green buddha? :) Loved these when the store was launched.

  • Benjamin
    January 03 2012, 06:02PM

    Fool’s Gold want’s YOU!

  • Christie Witt
    Christie Witt
    January 03 2012, 06:42PM

    Some very unique art for your walls :D

  • Carlo De Luca
    Carlo De Luca
    January 03 2012, 10:42PM

    Check out our limited edition screen prints, signed and numbered by the artist. Produced in our shop with a true dedication to quality.

  • barbara avakian
    barbara avakian
    January 04 2012, 01:37AM

    every one in the office needs to show their badass side by wearing badass jewelry art!

  • Devon Read
    Devon Read
    January 04 2012, 02:16AM

    How about some Wallets & Clutches for your iPads? called the clutch “the worlds chicest iPad case”!

  • Justine
    January 04 2012, 08:23AM

    Can I suggest a new corporate uniform…

  • Oliver
    January 04 2012, 09:47AM

    Congratulations on biggering and biggering. Besides buying some thneeds (which everyone needs), I’d recommend fine art which will appreciate with time.

  • Fangamer
    January 04 2012, 11:28AM

    Posters and mugs from Fangamer!

  • lee
    January 04 2012, 12:24PM

    a few cool stationary…

    and you still want more awesome know we have the coolest ones! (you ordered quite a few last year! THX)

  • Katherine
    January 04 2012, 04:01PM

    Huge sale on our products right now. We have a line of amazing Natural Soy candles that will invigorate the senses made from 100% Natural Soy and essential oils. they smell amazing even when not on fire!

  • Josh
    January 04 2012, 04:29PM

    What office is complete without a handmade Persian carpet?

  • Heather Coggins
    Heather Coggins
    January 04 2012, 11:09PM

    Show your company and/or department’s cohesion by dressing in a Holidickey! Holidickeys allow the women in your office to take a “holiday” from bulky blouses and the ironing, discomfort, expense and high dry cleaning bills associated with them! Made by an Engineer and former IT geek! Great for coordinated group photos, conferences, meetings, interdepartment groups and teams! Thank you!

  • Derek
    January 05 2012, 12:16AM

    How about a Darth Vader Computer Sitter Bobble Head perched on your monitor?

  • Eric
    January 05 2012, 08:53PM

    I’m not joking when I say almost every company in the Valley has employees who pick locks in between long compiles or boring times of the day when their hands are free.

  • webwinkel beginnen
    webwinkel beginnen
    January 06 2012, 07:28AM

    Shopify is a place where you can buy and design your own store and upload products to sell.decent product for getting your eCommerce site online.

  • Stephen Walder
    Stephen Walder
    January 08 2012, 04:53AM

    No office is complete without a few gadgets to get you through those quieter days . . .

  • Alon Tamir
    Alon Tamir
    January 12 2012, 06:14PM

    You clearly need to be decking the space out in some awesome Wallee iPad mounts and stands!

  • Tyler
    January 12 2012, 06:19PM

    You definitely need some awesome cleaning products to keep that place clean. You could buy our products at WholeFoods or you could just go to our Shopify Store and purchase them there! Gotta keep the place clean!

  • Kate
    February 05 2012, 04:22AM

    Moving office = new business cards and stationery. We produce recycled paper stationery made using the bark from cocoa (chocolate) trees. Cool product that helps communities in developing countries. Check us out:

  • Julie Jackson
    Julie Jackson
    February 12 2012, 11:49AM

    I could mail you some pencils or something! ;)

  • Veronica
    April 19 2012, 07:30PM

    I wish I had known earlier! Decorate Your Desk would have donated something. Don’t forget to check us out, if you’re still looking for stylish office accessories.

  • Nathania Gail Go
    Nathania Gail Go
    April 19 2012, 10:15PM

    We can give your Punchdrunk Panda button badges or eye masks!

  • Shanelle Smith
    Shanelle Smith
    April 19 2012, 10:27PM

    Snake Twist will give you a free bendable necklace! Looks like you guys need GOLD. I love Optify

  • Andrea
    April 25 2012, 11:47PM

    look at our Magnetic Glass Boards for the office from Germany , Hope we are not too late

  • Sammy
    June 02 2016, 09:24AM

    If your still decorating (lets face it your never really finished!) we do the cutest placements which work well as bases for laptops and our bunny plates are a great to keep all your paperclips & post-its in & close at hand!

  • Sammy
    June 02 2016, 09:24AM

    If your still decorating (lets face it your never really finished!) we do the cutest placements which work well as bases for laptops and our bunny plates are a great to keep all your paperclips & post-its in & close at hand!

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