Important Online Shopping Dates - 2012 Calendar

Important Online Shopping Dates - 2012 Calendar
The start of the year is the perfect time to plan for the year ahead. Consumers are looking toward holidays and special events up to a month ahead of time. To make the most of your campaigns and to ensure you have enough inventory, you should organize your marketing and merchandizing efforts with that in mind. If you're planning on selling things for Valentine's Day - start planning now! 

Use this Important Online Shopping Dates Calendar to keep track of all the major shopping days: 

Important Online Shopping Dates - 2012 Calendar
Click here for a printable version. 


  • Al Herrington
    Al Herrington
    January 11 2012, 11:35AM

    You guys dont stop amazing me.

    Thanks for always giving useful content!

  • Federico Herrera
    Federico Herrera
    January 11 2012, 11:45AM

    Great content. My list of to do items is no longer manageable thanks to you guys.

  • @Shopify Mark Hayes
    Mark Hayes
    January 11 2012, 01:21PM

    Al: Thanks so much! Our goal is to always provide interesting and useful content.

    Federico: Sorry! ;-)

  • Ildar
    January 12 2012, 02:51PM

    Thanks, that’s exactly what we needed!

  • Ydeveloper
    January 16 2012, 07:18AM

    It’s a great list you shared with us. It’s help our client to plan their selling.

  • Justin M.
    Justin M.
    February 26 2012, 07:58AM

    That’s pretty much just a list of Holidays. You forgot other huge events like Spring Break and Opening Day just to name a couple upcoming ones…

  • Dealordeals
    June 23 2012, 02:11AM

    Its a nice deal.we should try it.

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