19 Valentines Day Gifts from Shopify

19 Valentines Day Gifts from Shopify

Valentines Day is just around the corner, so we put together a list of gift ideas for that special someone. Here are 19 perfect presents all sold through Shopify Stores: 

1. Honey Mango Body Oil      $19.99

1.  Honey Mango Body Oil       $19.99

2. Valentines Day Card      £2

2.  Valentines Day Card       £2

3. Caped Crusader Costume     $45.99

3. Caped Crusader Costume     $45.99

4. Big Blue Hug Glass Art     $35

4.  Big Blue Hug Glass Art      $35

5. 1 Dozen Cookies     $16

5.  1 Dozen Cookies      $16

6. Fortune Cookie Soap     $2.75

6.  Fortune Cookie Soap      $2.75

7. Love is Art Painting Kit     $60

7.  Love is Art Painting Kit      $60

8. Blood Red Field Notes      $15

8. Blood Red Field Notes      $15

9. Straight Blade Razor Set     $175

9.  Straight Blade Razor Set      $175


10. Heart Shaped Bookmarks      £1.5 

10.  Heart Shaped Bookmarks       £1.5 


11. Flower Scented Sheer Soy Candle     $12.99

11.  Flower Scented Sheer Soy Candle      $12.99


12. Niven Morgan Bubble Bath      $24

12. Niven Morgan Bubble Bath      $24

13. Black Heart Headband     $24

13.  Black Heart Headband      $24

14. Oliver Marshall Sauvignon Blanc      $20

14.  Oliver Marshall Sauvignon Blanc       $20

15. Burgundy Satin Dress for Your Dog      $15.99

15. Burgundy Satin Dress for Your Dog      $15.99

16. Burning Love Candles     $29.95

16.  Burning Love Candles      $29.95

17. Sugar Baking Cupcakes     $25 - $30

17.  Sugar Baking Cupcakes      $25 - $30

18. Vintage Pencils     $22

18.  Vintage Pencils      $22

19. LOVE Temporary Tattoos     $5

19.  LOVE Temporary Tattoos      $5
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  • eryn
    February 02 2012, 10:06AM

    you forgot to mention #20 which would be anything from soworthloving.com -—> a shopify store!

  • @Shopify Mark Hayes
    Mark Hayes
    February 02 2012, 10:51AM

    Hey Eryn: Haha well put – and yes, anything from soworthloving.com would be an AWESOME gift for Valentines Day! :-)

  • Dani
    February 02 2012, 11:01AM

    This is quite the collection! Thanks for putting it together!

  • Brian Getting
    Brian Getting
    February 02 2012, 01:19PM

    Awesome! Don’t forget the sweets: http://www.toohautecowgirls.com/products/dark-sweet-and-wicked

  • Mark Barany
    Mark Barany
    February 02 2012, 11:54PM

    Don’t forget to get your sweetheart some gourmet coffee at www.kumacoffee.com a shopify favorite and a natural aphrodesiac.

  • @Shopify Mark Hayes
    Mark Hayes
    February 03 2012, 12:43PM

    Brian: Wow. Anyone looking to learn about awesome product descriptions should talk w/ you!

    “Back by popular demand, our limited Valentine’s Day special flavor starts with our own amazing caramel corn recipe drenched in luscious dark chocolate, tossed with dried cranberries, topped with rich chopped macadamia nuts, and then drizzled with more dark chocolate! Cupid even saddles up for this irresistible temptation.”

    I’m salivating.

    Mark: Awesome as well. Love your packaging… very unique for coffee! Also, I love the product description! Good idea to include interesting info, like elevation & farmer!!

  • Pat Coffey
    Pat Coffey
    February 03 2012, 02:42PM

    I personally own that black heart headband. I have grey hair and it looks great. But! Danani also makes them in red. The head band is great and you can wear it for hours.

  • Heather Coggins
    Heather Coggins
    February 03 2012, 08:12PM

    How about a super feminine pink collar to add to your Valentine’s Day look and heart headband! Easier to take off than a shirt ;). Check out www.Holidickeys.com

  • Lucy Holmes
    Lucy Holmes
    February 05 2012, 06:20AM

    How about some Valentines hosiery or lingerie at Mayfair Stockings www.mayfairstockings.com !

  • Tealyfe
    February 10 2012, 05:11PM

    Don’t forget the tea-lover in your life. They deserve to discover ultra-premium tea with soul

  • Kirsteen
    February 12 2012, 03:25PM

    and of course you need to serve up your Valentine meal looking the part in a cute Sweethearts Valentine apron from http://www.buycuteaprons.com

  • Richard Hughes
    Richard Hughes
    May 18 2012, 06:46AM

    I had to utilise a payday loan company this Valentines (www.fridayfriday.co.uk).

    I don’t think I would have used it to buy a satin dress for my dog though! Seems like frivolous expenditure to me!

  • Katy Perri
    Katy Perri
    October 25 2012, 05:11PM

    i found this http://www.chicshop.com.au perfect for inexpensive but worth valentines gifts.

  • Lisa Hayes
    Lisa Hayes
    January 31 2018, 02:09AM

    Amazing collection Shopify. These are the best valentines gifts collection for this year. Though, I’m bit late but these gifts are relevant today also.


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