Start Accepting Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Chip Credit & Debit Cards Using Shopify POS


The way we pay for things is changing. Don’t get left behind.

Shopify’s new credit card reader is a fast and secure way for any business to accept contactless payments like Apple Pay and Android Pay, as well as new chip (“EMV”) credit and debit cards. It’s as easy to use as our original card reader, and connects wirelessly to any iPhone or iPad running Shopify POS, our free iOS point of sale app.

Pre-order your new card reader today for $99, and we’ll cover you for any fraudulent transactions resulting from swiped chip cards until you receive it.

Order yours today for $129

Accepting payment in-person has never been easier

To accept a chip card using our new card reader, simply slide it into the slot at bottom of your card reader and leave it there for the entire sale. After your customer types their PIN, you’ll get a success message, and then you can give the card back to your customer. If your customer has a tap-enabled card, they can simply touch their card to pay.

Accepting Apple Pay and Android Pay is even easier. When your customer is ready to pay, have them place their phone near your card reader. You’ll get your money in seconds, and your customer will be on their way—no signature required.

Of course, you’ll still be able to swipe traditional credit cards using your new card reader.

Make the switch to EMV before October 1st, 2015

The deadline to switch to a chip-enabled card reader is just around the corner. After October 1st, if you continue to swipe chip credit cards, you could be liable for any fraudulent transactions. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered: pre-order your new card reader, and we’ll cover any fraud charges resulting from swiped chip cards, from the day you order it to the day it arrives.

Pre-order your credit card reader today and save $50

Shopify’s new card reader is fast, secure, and will protect you, your business, and your customers from fraud. Additionally, it allows you to accept two of the newest ways to pay, Apple Pay and Android Pay.

The new card reader retails for $149, but you can get it for $129. Even if you aren’t selling in-person (yet), now is the best time to order one.