The Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping

The Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping


Dropshipping is a popular method of selling online, but it's often associated with scams, ripoffs and get rich quick schemes. To shed some light on dropshipping, we wrote a free beginners guide to dropshipping as a part of our new Ecommerce University. It's the most indepth ebook to dropshipping you'll find anywhere, and it tells you exactly how to create and run a successful dropshipping business.

This week, we took some of the best parts from the guide and put together an infographic. Check out all of our findings in the infographic below. Please click on the image to enlarge. 

The Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping



  • Rick
    March 27 2013, 11:51AM

    Heh this is the first drop shipping infographic Ive ever seen. Great idea.

    Although are you sure its not spelled drop shipping as in 2 words instead of 1 word? I have seen both, but I do see 2 words more often I think.

    Anyway, really, really excellent resource. This blog just keeps getting better.
  • Alexander
    March 27 2013, 12:02PM

    Great infographic! My only feedback would be to put some more color in the section for how to spot fake suppliers. Out of all the information, I feel like that section is most important as I think we all have that problem at the beginning….


  • Kurt from eCommHub
    Kurt from eCommHub
    March 27 2013, 01:06PM

    Sweet infographic. I’m glad to see Shopify embracing the drop shipping trend. It makes sense because it’s incredibly hard to drop ship through marketplaces like Amazon and eBay these days, as the infographic shows they take a 10-15% cut of your revenue. So all the more reason to drop ship through your own Shopify store so you can keep those margins.

    - Kurt

  • @Shopify Mark Hayes
    Mark Hayes
    March 27 2013, 01:13PM

    Rick: Glad you like the infographic and our Shopify blog. I think ‘drop shipping’ and ‘dropshipping’ is pretty interchangeable these days. To be perfectly honest, when deciding which one we should use we just went to Google AdWords Keyword Tool and found that 1 word had a higher search volume, so we went with that. But either way works just fine.

    Alexander: Good feedback, thanks! And you’re right, spotting fishy dropshippers is a very, VERY important part of starting a dropshipping business. I go into much further detail in my ebook – be sure to check it out.

    Kurt: I couldn’t agree more. You would have to be crazy to only sell via those channels… 10-15% is insane.

  • lenny
    March 27 2013, 07:50PM


    I love your info. It’s awesome.

    But, the infographics, red text on red background? Please improve readability. (Like white text on red background).

    But I didn’t come to spoil the party, I’m your groupie…

    Thanks and sorry

  • Sean
    April 01 2013, 12:42PM

    I’m not sure about anyone else, but that dark orange text on light orange background doesn’t help the readability of most parts. Even though i do dropshipping quite often, i learned a couple things from the post, good job!

  • Alison
    April 02 2013, 05:20PM

    Great article. I just started drop shipping this week.

  • Stacey
    April 08 2013, 11:35AM

    I just heard about this website, love it so far. Thank you

  • Suhana
    April 09 2013, 12:50AM

    Today i came across this amazing new website named…i really think you guys should check it out..

  • Abdul Haseeb Awan
    Abdul Haseeb Awan
    April 27 2013, 03:50PM

    I have been shipping from Canada but since the volume have grown too high, i am considering a drop shipping center. I will prefer one in US though

  • Zee
    May 01 2013, 05:37PM

    Just take a look

  • KOUA
    May 06 2013, 06:55AM

    Excellent article ,I like the infographic and our shopify blog.very important part of starting a dropshipping bussiness,
    Thanks for the post. This is very useful information.

  • a abusalah
    a abusalah
    May 28 2013, 07:38PM

    I am looking into starting a drop shipping business, but I am trying my best not to get scammed.To Alison and Abdul Hasseeb, how is the business going? and which companies are you using?

  • greg
    June 02 2013, 06:19PM

    great article. I first heard about dropshipping about 4 years ago. I’m entertaining the idea now however I’m concerned…has just not taken over the whole dropshipping business..anytime you search for anything, amazon comes up first and acts like the dropshipper. I welcome your opinion and guidance

    September 02 2013, 10:49AM

    Awesome article! Who is a true dropshipper then? Any advice on which dropshippers to get started with?

  • Jonathan
    October 22 2013, 05:57AM

    Hi guys,
    Any ideas on how I can set up my store to charge customers different shipping rates depending on which brand they order from? I want to set up a brand based rule for my shipping, is this possible?
    many thanks

  • Greg
    November 15 2013, 12:29AM

    I have an existing drop ship store I’m trying to convert to Shopify…. but so far it seems Shopify can’t do it.

    To drop ship we need to be able to charge the shipping rate that each vendor uses, and add that to the invoice. So, a 3 line item order with one item from each of 3 vendors would need 3 different shipping charges that may be based on different systems, eg weight from one vendor, $ value from another.

    The Shopify ‘Guru’ told me to use an App to do this but the app vendor said they can’t do it.

    When will Shopify have a system that can REALLY do this. Up till then Shopify is useless for Drop shipping.

  • Dave
    April 16 2014, 11:33PM

    I have a few inventory providers and many of them allow API access to their ordering portals. Does shopify allow enough modification to their stores to set something like this up? It seems like everything in shopify is app driven. It would be great if the ability to create a connection to an inventory distributor was possible. Anyone know?

  • Roy Lau
    Roy Lau
    June 14 2014, 01:55AM

    Dropshipping Source for Wholesale Dropship Products , TGoal Drop Shipping Helps You Sell Drop Ship Items Online Without Inventory Hassles. Start free with our Dropshippers.

  • Jose Roman
    Jose Roman
    June 29 2014, 01:15PM

    you guys (shopify) have an awesome platform. My only gripe is the actual dropship providers. I use to work with these small profit margins, overhead for an online store and other factors which kind of made it not worth it to me, I’ve since found other methods to dropship which have better margins and take less work. Anyway, great post, great platform, keep up the good work guys!

  • Bro A
    Bro A
    July 28 2014, 11:35PM

    What a strange article to post here! I would be using Shopify is they actually supported drop shipping! And, they don’t! Only one shipping source allowed in a shopping cart! You’d think that more shopping cart software would have figured this one out by now! If by some chance there has been some change with Shopify since I last checked earlier this year, please forgive me and LET ME KNOW as I would love to find an alternative cart that actually allows for multiple shipping origins that works with real-time shipping calculations!

  • Andrea Benfell
    Andrea Benfell
    August 20 2014, 12:25AM

    Hi,Im just about to start out and have chosen my products but now I hear that since I live in NZ shipping could either be not happening or could take weeks.

  • Newbie
    August 29 2014, 10:27AM

    Someone recommended that its good to have multiple shopping carts, if that is so, how much, i am checking out several websites and among them, its either or They both can facilitate drop-shipping solutions in the UK, EcommHub is from the US ,and is UK based, they both offer a wide range of shopping carts, i think at least six (Droptec as the most/around nine). just wanted to know whats the best shopping cart, and having multiple shopping cart makes sense ? ( if so i recommend Droptec or EcommGub, well that’s what i am looking at).

  • Eddie
    September 10 2014, 03:28AM

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  • Robert Morton
    Robert Morton
    October 28 2014, 06:46PM

    Can Anyone tell me any good drop shipping sites please

  • Jonathan at the Difresh Factory
    Jonathan at the Difresh Factory
    November 20 2014, 05:25PM

    I like the guide to drop shipping! I am a master wholesaler for Difresh in Spain. We drop ship for our resellers if anyone is interested in taking on some great products.

    Check us out, we are a drop shipping manufacturer out of Spain. DIFRESH manufactures cosmetics and beauty products, supplements and more. We have 23 products in our line at the moment. Drop ship anywhere in the world for free. Returns accepted and inventory held in the warehouse. http://dropshipping-usa. Register to be a reseller through the site 100% free or email me at

  • Pete
    November 22 2014, 09:03PM

    I use They have a very large selection of items, electronics, computers, health and beauty, etc. It’s not so limited as other dropshippers. Prices are good too.

  • Jamie
    December 16 2014, 05:21PM

    PayPal users don’t know you can use PayPal on Amazon and this site provides the service and you get your e-code in like 10 minutes. I highly recommend them if you are a Amazon shopper or dropshipper. With this you can simply use PayPal on Amazon.

  • Noel
    January 31 2016, 04:59PM

    Hi everyone. I love this blog. So much value here. I have been drop shipping for years and if anyone would like some free help, you can visit my facebook page or my Youtube channel.
    Here is my facebook page where you can leave a question.
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  • hellyeah
    June 05 2016, 08:26PM


  • troy112233lhackeronetest
    June 05 2016, 08:34PM
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    June 05 2016, 08:57PM

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    June 05 2016, 09:01PM

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  • Katherine Read
    Katherine Read
    July 15 2016, 06:46PM

    Hi I want to build a shopify store using a dropshipper but based in the UK, can anyone help or provide info? Thanks

  • Rajan Sharma
    Rajan Sharma
    September 12 2017, 01:23AM

    I agree with all your points mentioned about drop shipping in this blog post. I’m just beginning my journey and I think I can set up my new idea from this post. Very helpful stuff… Thanks Mark

  • Rosario
    November 09 2017, 06:20PM

    I would like to accept alternate payments, like Bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrency. Is there any print on demand companies that accept cryptocurrencies?

  • mohit
    February 25 2018, 01:51AM

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  • Rich
    March 06 2018, 09:18PM

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  • Dean  may 31 2018
    Dean may 31 2018
    June 01 2018, 01:45AM

    sure could use some help setting up my shopify store I need some to lead me by the hand like a 2 year I’m really dumb when comes to understanding this. I just got of the joint and I’m trying to establish myself. I told all my friends how I was going start an ecom business sure hate to disappoint myself and them if I cant get this thing off and running need help badly please.

  • sunnyzhang
    September 06 2018, 09:22AM

    Helpful share!

  • Sarah
    November 23 2018, 08:56AM

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  • Dean Stewart
    Dean Stewart
    November 29 2018, 07:52AM

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