Introducing Google Pay for Shopify

Shopify's Google Pay integration.

Today, we’re introducing a new integration with Google Pay for merchants using Shopify Payments.

Open your doors to millions of people who already use their Google Account to shop online with a fast, simple checkout experience. Google Pay lets your customers instantly access payment and shipping information already stored in their Google Account for accelerated checkout.

Enable Google Pay


Filling out multiple forms while you shop takes time and attention, especially on mobile. A message from mom, an email from work, a news alert—you’re always one notification away from losing a potential sale.

By accepting Google Pay directly in your online store, users can complete their purchase with just a few clicks. Giving customers a quick and frictionless way to pay can reduce abandoned carts and increase conversions, which means more sales for your business.

Ready to get started? Here’s how merchants using Shopify Payments can activate Google Pay today.

Get started with Google Pay

If you’re already using Shopify Payments, you can immediately begin offering users the ability to checkout with Google Pay. Activate Google Pay in your Shopify store settings and we’ll take care of the rest.

Enable Google Pay

Activate Google Pay.

Not using Shopify Payments yet? Start accepting credit cards directly with Shopify to take advantage of accelerated checkouts, like Google Pay, today.

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