Introducing New Insight Reports That Will Help You Get More Sales

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Boosting sales takes more than just knowing your business inside and out, it takes knowing your customers inside and out, too. Just in time for Black Friday, you'll see some new and updated reports in Shopify. First, you'll notice new finance reports, which are available on all plans. If you're on the Shopify plan, Advanced Shopify or Shopify Plus, you'll also see a new set of customer reports, which are designed to give deeper insights on who your customers are and how they buy.

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Uncover insights about why your customers buy with reports

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Finance reports: How am I doing?

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Finance reports automatically track all sales, refunds, and payments across your store. At a glance, you’ll see total amount of sales, taxes, payments and gift cards for each month. The convenient one-click Financial Summary is especially useful at tax time or whenever you (or your accountant) need to make sure everything adds up.

Use this report to answer questions like:

  • What were my net sales for the month?
  • How many payments have I processed in the last 30 days?

First-Time vs. Returning Customer reports: Who’s buying the most?

This powerful set of customer reports puts the spotlight on where your sales are coming from: new and returning. With a full breakdown of your sales, you can keep a close eye on the growth of each segment and adjust your marketing to retain your new customers and keep returning customers engaged. These reports are available to all merchants on the Shopify or Advanced Shopify plans as well as Shopify Plus.

Use this report to answer questions like:

  • What percentage of my sales are coming from first-time customers?
  • What is the breakdown of first-time versus returning sales changing month-over-month?
  • Am I bringing in enough new customers to accommodate the churn of past purchasers?

Customers Over Time report: When did I get the most customers?

customers over time

The Customers Over Time report shows you when you acquired your customers and how many orders they have placed over time, giving you insight into the seasonality of your business or if a marketing strategy you used last month should be repeated.

Use this report to answer questions like:

  • How is the cohort of customers that I acquired in February performing vs. March?
  • How many new customers did I get last month?

Customer reports by segment: Who are my at-risk customers? Who is loyal?

If you’re on the Advanced Shopify plan or Shopify Plus, you’ll see new customizable reports that allow you to segment along the customer lifecycle; from promising to loyal to at-risk and, finally, dormant. By highlighting customers considered promising, loyal or at-risk, you can easily spot who deserves a personal thank you and who might respond well to a targeted promotion.

Use this report to answer questions like:

  • Which previously active customers have stopped making purchases?
  • Who are my loyal repeat customers who may be more receptive to high margin products?
  • Who are my at-risk customers, and how much have they spent with me in the past?
  • Make insight-driven decisions with Shopify reports

    With these updates to the Reports section, you’ll have quick access to actionable data exclusive to your store. Small businesses have the benefit of being nimble when it comes to taking action and now you’ll be able to validate those hunches (maybe promo codes will help? What about last year’s referrals?) with real data you can trust.

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