Shopify Shipping and USPS in 2019: More Options and the Lowest Rates Available

USPS shipping rate changes in 2019

It’s standard practice for shipping carriers to raise their rates each year, and some of this year’s increases were significant. Shipping your orders may become much more expensive in 2019.

That’s why we’re introducing new and more affordable ways to ship with USPS through Shopify Shipping. As a Shopify merchant using Shopify Shipping, you get access to the lowest shipping rates available, whether you ship domestically or internationally.

Shopify Shipping has negotiated rates with popular carriers, including USPS, DHL, and UPS, so you can pass on shipping savings to customers while keeping your costs low. Here’s how we’re helping you manage this year’s USPS rate increases, and how you can get the lowest prices on some USPS mail classes with Shopify.

Priority Mail Cubic Pricing now available

If you’re on the Shopify, Advanced, or Plus plan, you can now use cubic rate pricing for USPS Priority Mail with Shopify Shipping. Cubic Pricing is available for packages weighing less than 20 lbs, and it’s based on the dimensions of your package and where it’s going. Through Shopify Shipping, Cubic Pricing offers up to a 90% discount off Priority Mail retail prices.

What are cubic rates? They’re discounted Priority Mail rates for small packages of up to 0.5 cubic feet, and weighing up to 20 lbs. Cubic rates are also based on shipping zones defined by USPS. See how you can save with cubic rates by using our calculator.

Lowest prices on First Class Package International

Despite prices increasing everywhere else, the rates Shopify Shipping offers for USPS First Class Package International will remain unchanged—you’ll pay the same discounted 2018 rates for all of 2019. That’s a savings of up to 21% off of retail shipping prices, and the best First Class International Package rate available from any shipping platform or app.

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Additional low-cost shipping options

Two highly-requested, affordable USPS mail classes have also been added to Shopify Shipping: Parcel Select Ground and Media Mail. Both mail classes need to be manually enabled as a rate option in your shipping settings.

  • Parcel Select Ground is an affordable alternative to Priority Mail when your order doesn’t need to get there quickly, and it’s a good option for bulky or heavy packages weighing up to 70lbs.
  • Media Mail is a cost-effective way to ship media materials like books, music, and videos.

Free Guide: Shipping and Fulfillment 101

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Review your shipping strategy to stay competitive

When prices change for shipping services, it’s a good time to review your overall shipping strategy, including the tools you use to get your products to your customers. With the addition of multiple mail classes with USPS and some of the lowest prices available, Shopify Shipping is here to help you use your low-cost shipping options to convert more customers and grow your business.