Shopify and Carleton are reimagining experiential learning

A new model to turn education inside out

This program is the first of its kind with the goal of integrating learning and doing with the quality of a Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) degree. Our mission is to take a leadership role in improving computing literacy and computational thinking in Canada with innovative learning tools and much stronger industry and university partnerships.

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The full-stack education model

Six ways it’s not your everyday degree

Accelerated first year

We believe in students doing and learning as quickly as possible. From the start you get access to all the computer science courses and programming you need to prepare you to join a team and build real-world software by your second term.

Twice the work experience

Students graduate with 8 semesters of work experience, double the traditional co-op program. You'll apply what you’ve learned alongside some of the best developers and computer scientists in the world.

Competency-based learning

We’ve made the bulk of the program self-paced so you can take the time you need to deeply learn concepts. Each course has checkpoints for mentors to help you stay on target and exams at the end to confirm you’ve met learning objectives.

Credits for learning industry-leading skills

20% of the credits come from learning industry-leading skills and exploring opportunities in different areas of software and computer science during the internship, while supervised by a Carleton professor and a Shopify mentor.

Accreditation with compensation

You take the same exams as other Carleton students ensuring equal accreditation. You'll also receive a salary, providing more financial stability. This lets you focus completely on learning and doing and reaching your potential.

Electives at the right time

Full-stack learning doesn’t stop with computer science. You’ll take electives in 3rd and 4th year when you know more about your interests and have a solid computer science foundation.


Because it's the 21st century

We’re dedicated to increasing diversity and inclusion in the software industry. That’s why this program, like many of our other education partnerships, seeks out amazing students from all backgrounds and gives them the best learning opportunities in an inclusive environment where everyone has the opportunity to fulfil their potential. We began by focusing on equal representation of men and women and drawing from a wide range of life experiences and we’re aiming to continue diversifying in many other ways.

Three people working together

Ideal students

Feed your passion and own your education

Three people working together

We’re looking for students who can grow to be among the most impactful individuals in the software industry. What are we looking for in students?

  • You have a passion for CS, being a maker, and/or problem-solving (not necessarily through code)
  • You have a self-starter spirit and want to own your education
  • You can demonstrate initiative, either through academic grades, community projects, or other means

We’re invested in increasing diversity and inclusion and encourage members of underrepresented groups to apply.

How to apply

Interested in applying? Full details for the September 2017 class can be found on the Carleton website.

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You asked, we answered

Who can apply to this program?

Anyone eligible to apply to Carleton’s BCS Honours Program can apply for the Internship option.

How do I apply?

You will need to apply to Carleton’s BCS Honours Program and submit material to Shopify as well. You can find out more here.

Are applications restricted to first-year students? What if I am already in a program and am interested in transferring to this program?

Reach out to us and we can discuss. In some cases your electives may transfer over but we would consider this on a case by case basis and have to loop Carleton into the conversation.

When’s the deadline to apply to Shopify?

Once you’ve received your offer of admission from Carleton, which will include the link to our internal application tool, Lever, you’ll have to apply by February 13th.

I have already applied to Carleton’s BCS Honours Program. How do I make sure I am given the opportunity to be considered for this employment internship?

That’s easy. You’ll simply need to wait for your offer of admission from Carleton. If accepted, you’ll be sent a link to Lever, Shopify’s internal application tool.

Once I am accepted to Carleton and I have received the Lever link what does the application process to Shopify look like? I want to prepare.

We provide a copy of the directions that we will have listed on the Lever page.

Please follow all of the directions carefully to ensure your application is considered.

What’s the salary I’ll receive while at Shopify?

We can’t share the exact amount here, but the salary is competitive!

I have lots more questions and would like to get in touch, where can I reach you?

If you still have questions, email us at

I have questions about applying to Carleton for this program. How can I learn more about their expectations?

Carleton provides thorough information about their expectations, as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

The future of full-stack education

Our goal is to take our experiences from developing and scaling this program and share them with the world. Stay tuned as we tell the ongoing story of full-stack education so that other companies and education institutions can do the same across the globe.

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