Introducing: Mobile Store Builder- The Fastest (& Smartest) Way to Build a Native Mobile App

Introducing: Mobile Store Builder- The Fastest (& Smartest) Way to Build a Native Mobile App

Deep pockets and an army of developers…

That’s what you’ve been told you need if you want a truly amazing native mobile application.

With the mobile tipping point in the the rear view mirror, the urgency you likely feel to offer users a compelling mobile shopping experience becomes ultra-clear when you consider that analysts forecast 45% of all ecommerce is expected to take place via mobile devices by 2020.

Now consider that mobile users spend 86% of their time inside applications and walled off from the mobile web.

Is your mobile app ready?

If not, we’re urging you to re-examine what you think you know about building a native mobile ecommerce application.

Remember those deep pockets and that army of developers you’ve been told you need…

They’re no longer necessary to build your mobile future.

Introducing the Mobile Store Builder

The Mobile Store Builder allows Shopify Plus merchants to build a native mobile app without any technical expertise or coding. The platform is powered by a sophisticated template system that positions merchants to create apps using customizable themes. Importantly, Plus merchants can build iOS and Android apps at no added cost instead of spending months and significant amounts of money developing an app from scratch.

With no ongoing maintenance costs either, the Mobile Store Builder makes it easy for merchants to create an immersive and magical mobile shopping experience. The platform empowers merchants to become mobile first by offering:

  • The ability to quickly create native iOS and Android apps
  • Beautiful, immersive themes that can be styled to match your brand
  • Navigate through collections, products, cart, and customer accounts
  • Reduce checkout friction with simpler payment options (Apple Pay and Android Pay)
  • Publish to both the Apple App Store and Google Play

Creating your own native app can also provide you with a competitive advantage as native apps load faster and are more responsive. In fact, a native app also positions merchants to intelligently access and leverage smartphone specific features like notifications, location, and camera.

How Merchants Are Using Mobile Store Builder

Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman are often on the cutting edge

In fact the pair built a multimillion dollar business, Pura Vida Bracelets, thanks to a graduation trip to Costa Rica where they discovered beautiful handmade bracelets they could sell in the United States. The company has been built on social media and many of the company’s die hard brand evangelists often use mobile devices to browse and shop the Pura Vida store.

It means to continue Pura Vida’s torrid growth rate, an average of 50% year over year since 2011, the company must provide users with a personal and easy to use mobile experience. The company relies on Shopify Plus technology to do just that and is working to create a native app that significantly improves the customer experience:

Importantly, merchants using the Mobile Store Builder can configure each UI component based on how they’d like their store to be displayed. Merchants can also use the platform to customize design elements like fonts, colors, spacing, and alignment:

“We’re fully focused on growing our app,” says Griffin Thall, CEO & Co-founder of Pura Vida Bracelets. “This just feels right.”

Customization Matters

In the event you don’t want to rely on the Mobile Store Builder’s robust platform to get your native app up and running almost instantly, we’re excited to announce the release of our new Mobile Buy SDK (version three). Use the Mobile Buy SDK to connect the mobile app you build from scratch with your Shopify checkout.

Right now the Mobile Store Builder is only available through an invite-only beta test opportunity. While we put the finishing touches on it, we wanted you to have the latest version of our Mobile Buy SDK so you can integrate your app with your Shopify store and begin selling products through the app and track sales information in your Shopify Admin.

Regardless of the option that’s right for you, Shopify Plus is committed to helping merchants develop a mobile first mindset and provide the tools you need to grow sales via your native mobile application.

“Our merchants know that an immersive native mobile store is essential to engage their customers and continue growing their businesses,” says Fahd Ananta, Product Manager, Shopify Mobile Store Builder. “With that in mind, we wanted to create an easy way for our merchants to experiment with a mobile store, without writing any code. While currently in beta, we are so excited to help merchants build mobile stores as we already do for online stores.”

Contact your Merchant Success Manager to begin experimenting with Mobile Store Builder.

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