The 1 Rule for Building a Billion-Dollar Business

The 1 Rule for Building a Billion-Dollar Business

Building a billion-dollar business isn’t easy.

This October at Commerce+ Shopify’s founder and CEO Tobi Lütke and BeautyCon media founder and CEO Moj Mahdara spoke about what makes and maintains a billion-dollar business.

Spoiler: it’s the customers. 

You could have the world’s best platform for making sales, but without customers, the billion-dollar business wouldn’t exist. Here we see a shift in mentality: Generating revenue isn’t the north star, but making commerce better for everyone. 

For Lütke, it’s seeing how retailer pains are the roadmap to Shopify’s success as a software platform. For retailers, it’s keeping up with what their buyers engage with, or complain about. 

Shopify’s billion-dollar business growth is a circle, not a straight line — and one that’s inherently built on support. 

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