The Complete Guide to DIY Product Photography

Showcase your products and strengthen your brand with powerful product photography that makes an impact.

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14 chapter

1. Why Product Photography is Important

5 min

The importance of photography in ecommerce isn't much of a debate anymore. Product photography is a central component of any successful online business.

2. Photography Basics - Understanding Photography Terms and Techniques

10 min

Your beginners guide to photography includes everything from photography basics to the terms and techniques you need to know.

3. Product-Only Photography

5 min

Professional photography leads to great photos. Great photos lead to more sales. Clearly display your product to customers as they visit your ecommerce store.

4. In-Context and Lifestyle Photography

3 min

Portrait photography and lifestyle photography put your products in context. Show customers how your product is mean to be used and demonstrate the lifestyle that goes along with it.

5. Photo Editing Basics

7 min

Learn how to edit pictures. This quick introduction to basic photo editing will give beginners a quick lesson on how to edit photos.

6. Saving Your Images for the Web

3 min

Image format and image dimensions are often overlooked in the photography process. However, image file formats directly influence the performance of your website.

7. Creating Your Photography Style Guide

5 min

Photography style is a key factor in your brand photography approach. A photography style guide helps you give your images a specific look and feel that you can replicate and reinforce your brand.

8. Optimizing Your Images for SEO and Conversion

3 min

Image search engine optimization is a critical factor in the success of your product photography strategy. Learn how photo compressors and other tools can help your page perform better.

9. Social Media Photography

6 min

Social media image sizes are always changing. Beyond just the sizes, your social media strategy depends on the platform too. Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest product photography all take a different shape.

10. Product-Specific Photography Tips

6 min

Fashion photography sells products better than any other. Jewelry photography is one of most challenging. Get tips and tricks for product photography in different industries.

11. Make Photography the Central Focus of Your Product Page

5 min

Your product page is what makes your ecommerce store successful. Use product photography to increase conversion rates and make more sales.

12. Product Photography Glossary

4 min

Photography terms can be a bit confusing, we know. Get photography terminology straight and learn the basics with this photography glossary.

13. Product Photography Checklist

1 min

Get everything you need to launch your photography strategy today. This photography checklist reminds you of everything you need to get started.

14. About the Author

1 min

Holly Cardew, CEO of Pixc and Product Photography Expert shares her experience with fellow entrepreneurs on taking the best product photography to showcase your brand and product.


Holly Cardew

Holly Cardew is the Founder of Pixc, a platform to help eCommerce stores edit and optimize their product photos so they can increase sales. Pixc turns average product images into beautiful ones by editing and removing the background within 24 hours. Starting out as a teenager, selling on eBay and creating her own online marketplace, Holly has a background in eCommerce, online marketing, graphic design and building distributed teams. She is also experienced in building and running Shopify stores, and growing large social media followings. In 2016, Holly was included in the Retail and eCommerce Forbes 30 under 30 list. Holly splits her time between San Francisco, Brisbane and Sydney. When Holly is not working, she loves travelling, exploring new places, beautiful design, typography and coming up with new business ideas.

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