chapter 5

Differentiating Your Brand on eBay

You’re an eBay seller now—you’ve published your inventory on eBay, optimized your listings, and shoppers are buying from you. What more can you do to boost sales? There are four more strategies you can employ:

  • Open an eBay store
  • Use the Promoted Listings and Promotions Manager tools
  • Improve your fulfillment experience with the Guaranteed Delivery program
  • Establish a global presence

Open and Customize an eBay Store

eBay Store subscribers have access to a number of useful tools to help distinguish their products on eBay. Personalizing your eBay profile and seller ID are small, easy ways to elevate your brand in a professional way. eBay Store subscribers enjoy:

  • Lower selling fees
  • Increased visibility in search results
  • Discounts on eBay-branded shipping supplies
  • Control over their own branded or unbranded store pages

An eBay store is an obvious choice if you’re interested in expanding your branded eBay presence. We recommend establishing a look and feel that remains consistent between your eBay store and your individual product listings.

Learn more about customizing and operating your eBay Store here.

Deliver a Branded Shipping Experience

This guide has focused entirely on what you can do to boost your appearance in search results and ability to turn clicks on search results into sales.

By professionally branding your fulfillment experience, you can build trust with shoppers after they purchase from you and encourage repeat business. Keep these best practices in mind to become the “seller of choice” for shoppers that buy from you:

  • Deliver purchases promptly to your buyers
  • Avoid canceling orders whenever possible
  • Consider investing in branded shipping supplies to give your order a professional look
  • Deliver a clean, orderly, impressive fulfillment experience
  • Request honest feedback from your buyers afterward

You’ll be rewarded for these practices with shoppers that look to your listings first in their search results or even bookmark your eBay store and come directly to you for future purchases.

Use Promoted Listings and Promotions Manager

Promoted Listings is a simple tool used by eBay sellers to get their listings noticed by more buyers. It improves your placement in search to reach more buyers and drive more clicks, with many sellers seeing a 30 percent increase in visibility.* All store subscribers on eBay are eligible for Promoted Listings.

Even better, when using Promoted Listings, sellers only pay for the service when an item sells. Promoted Listings users also enjoy access to additional tracking tools and services, to help adjust and maximize campaigns and sales.

Promotions Manager helps you to create even more unique offers that move inventory and encourage buyers to shop. Through Promotions Manager you can provide:

  • Discounts based on order size
  • Buy-one, get-one-free offers
  • Sale events
  • Shipping discounts
  • Codeless coupons

Sellers using Promotions Manager have found sales to increase by as much as 11 percent.**

eBay Guaranteed Delivery

eBay Guaranteed Delivery (EGD) is a program that offers shoppers guaranteed rapid delivery times without impacting participating sellers at all.

For listings to appear in the EGD program, sellers must offer same-day or one-day handling times. For these listings, eBay calculates the delivery date, then provides an eBay-backed guarantee to shoppers that delivery will be completed on time. Research shows that shoppers buy first from merchants who deliver their orders in the three days or less promised by EGD.

To qualify for EGD inclusion, Sellers must complete a minimum of 100 transactions per year, and have a late shipment rate of less than five percent. Participating sellers are required to provide accurate handling times and to upload on-time tracking information for their buyers.

The boost in visibility and sales offered by EGD is easily sufficient to offset the minor additional work and promptness requirements for sellers.

Global Shipping Program

eBay’s Global Shipping Program (GSP) is an easy way to put your products in front of eBay shoppers around the world. When using GSP, you don’t have to worry about any of the logistical details involved in shipping globally.

Instead, when an eligible item of yours sells abroad, you simply ship the parcel to eBay’s global shipping center, located in Kentucky, and eBay’s professionals there do the rest, forwarding your delivery to its international destination and completing all required paperwork.

Shoppers love this option, not only because there are no surprise delivery fees, but because clear end-to-end tracking details are provided for all shipments—so that they can keep an eye on their order even when it was placed overseas.

You can opt individual listings into the Global Shipping Program in the shipping details area or include it in your default shipping policy to ensure that all of your listings are available to international shoppers.

Putting It All Together

Now you’re using eBay strategies that reflect your intention to act as a coherent, branded business. As you operate day-to-day, consider:

  • Opening an eBay Store
  • Using Promoted Listings and Promotions Manager
  • Qualifying for eBay Guaranteed Delivery
  • Opting your listings in to the Global Shipping Program

In large part, that’s all there is to it—you’re not just an eBay seller, you’re an eBay pro at this point, and you’re doing nearly all of it using the eBay integration from within your Shopify account.

In the next chapter, we’ll cover our bases by going over a handful of things that you should avoid doing on eBay if you plan to be successful long-term.

*Average based on a comparison of item page views before and after activating promoted listings in 2017.
** Claims are based on gross merchandise volume (GMV) data generated by a defined set of items on eBay during 2016-07-04 and 2016-12-31 which were promoted in a variety of formats (example order size discounts, free shipping offers, sales events, and related item discounts) by their sellers' use of the promotions management tool on eBay for the first time. The GMV from the sale of these items was measured before and during these promotions. The increase is the difference between the GMV measured before and after compared to it during the promotions. Your actual results from use of the promotions management tool on eBay may vary and eBay makes no guarantee that you will see similar results.

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