chapter 12


Finding a product to sell online is not an easy task. Even with a million products available to sell online, narrowing it down and choosing one is no small feat. Many times, new ecommerce entrepreneurs get so caught up in trying to find the absolute perfect product that they never get started. The thing is, there really is no perfect product. There are bad, good and great products. With the exception of bad products, good and great products can be your perfect product, provided you believe in a long term vision and you’re willing to work hard.

Don't Get Hung Up On The Criteria

What makes a product successful is much more than just some checkmarks on a list of criteria or number of searches per month in Google, or a low level of competition in the niche. Although the evaluations we looked at in this guide will definitely help steer you in the right direction, there is still no substitute for taking or creating a great product, adding value, executing great marketing, providing outstanding customer service and a long-term commitment. Do your research but don't let every little negative point you come across paralyze you.

Rinse and Repeat

If you closely followed this guide but still don't feel confident in your product choice, repeat the process. You can always try re-evaluating your product idea by choosing a slightly different niche or market. These slight tweaks can make a big difference in the success of your product idea and business. Alternatively, you can also choose to scrap your product idea entirely and begin looking for new product ideas.

Keep Move Forward

The most thing to remember is to keep moving forward. Many new entrepreneurs will get stuck in a vicious cycle of constantly looking and evaluating ideas, never to find the elusive perfect product, thus never actually starting a business. One of the best things about being an ecommerce entrepreneur in this day in age is that many of your ideas can likely be started for extremely little money.

Although many people believe that the majority of successful ecommerce entrepreneurs had 100% certainty in their product and niche before starting their business, that's usually not the case. The majority of them had fears and reservations about how things would turn out. Despite this, they moved forward.

Although starting a business is a journey, and not a race, a journey still begins with the first step. Give yourself a deadline and if you can’t find your perfect product, start looking at your best options for starting.

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