15 Funny Lorem Ipsum Generators to Shake Up Your Design Mockups

15 Funny Lorem Ipsum Generators to Shake Up Your Design Mockups

Funny lorem ipsum generators

Lorem ipsum has become the industry standard for design mockups and prototypes. By adding a little bit of Latin to a mockup, you’re able to show clients a more complete version of your design without actually having to invest time and effort drafting copy.

But despite all its benefits, seeing the same random Latin text in every design can get a little boring for you and your clients. So if you have a client who’s got a sense of humour or if you’re just tired of going the traditional route in your mockups, here are 15 creative and funny lorem ipsum text generators that are sure to lighten the mood at any client meeting.

1. Bacon Ipsum

Funny lorem ipsum generator: Bacon ipsum

A meatier lorem ipsum because who doesn’t love bacon? Certain to help grease even the most pig-headed clients.

2. Cat Ipsum

Funny lorem ipsum generators: cat ipsum

The purrr-fect lorem ipsum generator for clients who love their cats and cat memes. It’ll have your cat loving clients purring their appreciation for your mock-ups in no time.

3. Cupcake Ipsum

Funny lorem ipsum generators: cupcake ipsum

Satisfy your client’s sugar cravings with Cupcake Ipsum. Pretty sweet right?

4. Fillerama

Funny lorem ipsum generators: Fillerama

Good news everyone! With placeholder text from shows like Futurama, Doctor Who, Dexter, and Monty Python, Fillerama is the perfect Lorem Ipsum for the TV lover in all of us.

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5. Bob Ross Ipsum

Funny lorem ipsum generators: Bob Ross Ipsum

Why continue using basic lorem ipsum in your designs when you can use peaceful, relaxing, and soothing Bob Ross quotes?

6. Hairy Lipsum

Hairy Lipsum

Put a little hair on your chest with Hairy Ipsum. A collection of “manly” placeholder text samples for those mockups that need an extra dose of handsome ruggedness.

7. Hipsum

Funny lorem ipsum generators: hipsum

The most hipster lorem ipsum generator around, though you’ve probably never heard of it.

8. Hodor Ipsum

Funny lorem ipsum generators: Hodor Ipsum

Hodor. Hodor hodor hodor, hodor.

9. Office Ipsum

Funny lorem ipsum generators: Office Ipsum

A blue collar lorem ipsum generator for when you need to impress the C-Suite.

10. Pirate Ipsum 

Funny lorem ipsum generators: pirate ipsum

Arrr me hearties! Make traditional Latin walk the plank and opt for pirate lorem ipsum for your next design high seas adventure.

11. Pommy Ipsum

Funny lorem ipsum generators: Pommy Ipsum

A lorem ipsum generator featuring your favourite British idioms and slang.

12. Sagan Ipsum 

Funny lorem ipsum generators: sagan ipsum

With placeholder text comprised of Carl Sagan quotes, your design mockups will be out of this world.

13. Slipsum

Funny lorem ipsum generators: Slipsum

A Samuel L. Jackson inspired lorem ipsum generator that dares you to use Latin one more goddamn time.

14. Social Good Ipsum

Funny lorem ipsum generators: Social Good Ipsum

Socially respectful lorem ipsum for when you need to win over the hearts of your clients.

15. Zombie Ipsum

Funny lorem ipsum generators: Zombie Ipsum

If your client loves zombie flicks or The Walking Dead, Zombie Ipsum should be in all your mockups. Now with 50% more brrrraaaiiiins!

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