Developer Digest: February 1, 2019

Developer Digest: February 1, 2019
developer digest january 2019

Welcome back to the first Developer Digest of 2019.

We’re excited to share that we’re starting the new year off with the launch of Shopify Community forums and Developer Changelog—two places for you to learn, grow, and stay informed as a Shopify Developer.

Additionally, we want to set you up for the year with a few important updates. In this edition, we’ve got you covered with the changes you need to know about.

Let’s get started.

New releases

As ecommerce continues to grow around the globe, so does its complexity. Read on to learn about two releases that have been built to connect you with other Shopify Developers around the world.

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Shopify Community forums

developer digest january 2019: community

Last week we launched Shopify Community, an enhanced forums experience. With easy access to accepted solutions, stronger search capabilities, search subscriptions, and direct messaging, a world of opportunities has opened up for you to grow as a Shopify Partner.

This is your opportunity to connect with store owners and find out what services they need. Ask questions, gather feedback, and work together to create solutions. Can you help them address their unique needs? Have you already built an app to address their issue? Feel free to reach out directly.

The more insightful information you provide, the more you can establish yourself as a trusted source within Shopify Community. Earn badges for your profile with your willingness to help and ability to provide solutions.

In addition, you can now easily lean into groups with like-minded entrepreneurs and begin to build the network needed for success.

Learn more about the features and opportunities of Shopify Community.

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Developer Changelog

developer digest january 2019: developer changelog

With the pace of change at Shopify, it’s important to have a centralized source of truth to help you stay in the know. The Developer Changelog was built and designed with just that in mind. In addition to keeping you up-to-date, the Developer Changelog is where you’ll find updates and information on any breaking changes. We try to avoid disruptions to your app, but if one is coming, this is where you’ll find the information you need to handle it.

We’ve also enabled key features to help you navigate directly to the most relevant updates for you. A new section in the changelog allows you to track scheduled changes if you missed the original announcement. And the ability to follow the changelog’s RSS feed lets you incorporate it into your own daily workflows. In addition, advanced filters allow you to narrow down the changes you would like to know about.

Explore the new Developer Changelog and sign up to get all the latest updates by email.

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API updates

Greater transparency into our API changes means fewer disruptions to you as a developer. Below are the most recent changes you should be aware of.

Multi-currency rollout

developer digest january 2019: multicurrency

Selling in multi-currency on Shopify Payments beta started rolling out to Plus merchants in mid-December, allowing customers to check out in their local currency. This feature can automatically detect a customer’s country and offer prices in that customer’s local currency.

We want to remind you that if you have an app that surfaces any monetary values, cancels orders, creates refunds or performs transactions for your users or their customers, you'll want to update your app to use the new multi-currency values from our APIs, so your merchants and their customers get the best possible experience.

Learn more about the multi-currency API changes that can impact the merchant and customer experience your app offers.

Legacy inventory API now sunsetted

An important reminder that the legacy inventory API is now sunsetted. All apps that update, fulfill, or restock inventory need to be updated to work with stores using multiple locations.

Public apps no longer have access to the deprecated inventory APIs, and all requests to the deprecated API will return errors.

Private apps still have access but should migrate as soon as possible. For more information, check out the Inventory Migration Guide.

JS Buy SDK: updated storefront schema

Last year we improved the Storefront API to enable you to build custom storefronts on Shopify’s platform. All changes are available in the Storefront API, and the JS Buy SDK has been updated to match the new Storefront API Schema.

This update does the following:

      • Removes unused fixtures.
      • Allows collections, products, collectionByHandle, and productByHandle to be fetched from the QueryRoot instead of from the Shop object.
      • Returns checkoutUserErrors when they're present (instead of returning userErrors). This adds an extra field called code.
      • Exposes the checkoutLineItemsReplace mutation (to replace the deprecated checkoutLineItemsAdd, checkoutLineItemsRemove, and checkoutLineItemsUpdate mutations).

View the full details on the Developer Changelog.

Webhook changes

Last year we removed the ability to create HTTP Webhooks and app proxies, requiring all new instances to be HTTPS. Starting this month, we will be scheduling the remaining HTTP Webhooks and App Proxies for deletion. Be sure to update any remaining HTTP in your app.

Building connections for your success

We hope that 2019 brings more ways than ever for you to connect with and learn from your community. From growing a support network to gaining more leads, there are new exciting opportunities to explore.

As these features rollout, we want to know what has helped you. What do you anticipate will help you the most in 2019? Let us know in the comments.

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