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6 Tricks to Increase Your Clients' Conversion Before Christmas

6 Tricks to Increase Your Clients' Conversion Before Christmas


The holiday season is just around the corner for online retailers, and the Internet is awash with tips and tricks on how to maximize sales over the upcoming holiday season.

Most articles and white papers will urge your clients to set up highly targeted PPC and social media campaigns, give best practices for content writing and tips on how to optimize their SEO. While these actions are great for driving traffic to your customers’ sites, they do little to actually convert visitors into paying customers.

Did you know that for every $92 spent on acquiring visitors to online stores, only $1 is spent on converting visitors into customers (source: Eisenberg, 2012)? So what can you do to ensure that your clients are actually converting visitors? And is there anything that can be done this close to Christmas? Yes!

To help you out, we’ve put together six tips for the four weeks remaining before Christmas to increase your clients' conversion and sales.

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