The solution Google was searching for

Google purchased restaurant reviewer Zagat in 2011. Zagat’s existing online shop didn’t have the functionality Google wanted to sell Zagat’s well-loved restaurant guides and products. Google’s security and privacy requirements, however, eliminated many ecommerce options.

Martin Lansard

Manager of ecommerce at Google

Security requirements

Not a lot of other platforms could actually agree to work with us under those constraints, but Shopify did. I’m even happier than I thought with Shopify. The Shopify difference was the activity of support and the level of expertise of every person we have talked to at Shopify.

Ease of use

Our online store has created a seamless user experience. If I’m a restaurant owner and I’m featured on Zagat, I can go online right away and order a personal certificate and decal and I will receive them in no time. We’re enabling people to get our products in an easy way, while having a great experience with our brand.

We needed a platform that would match our expectations in terms of shop management and user experience, but also in terms of security and privacy. That’s why we chose Shopify.

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Ecommerce as branding

Revenue is really not the purpose of the store. Our goal is to unify the experience that our users have with the brand. On Shopify, we were able to create a very polished and controlled environment for our brand that we really want to protect.

Future friendly

We were stuck in an old ecommerce environment. With Shopify, we’re now at the head of the pack and in a good position to stay in touch with the latest development in the field. We cannot afford to have outdated properties and features.