Peepers abandons Magento, customizes checkout, and increases conversions by 30%

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Two adults model Peepers eyeglasses at a cafe.

Peepers is a digital retailer that designs and sells eyewear, especially reading glasses, for both men and women. The team had been working on a website redesign and a domain-name overhaul for more than a year, with little progress and frustrating results.

After switching to Shopify Plus, Peepers…

  • Launched their new website quickly
  • Increased conversions by 30%
  • Grew average order values up to 20%
  • Handled Oprah-level traffic with ease
  • Built custom functionality their market had come to expect

We see huge opportunities in terms of improving conversion rates and making data-driven decisions that give customers exactly what they want.

John HartEcommerce Manager, Peepers


After investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into the redesign project, Magento continued to fall short. Each change was time-consuming and expensive. On top of that, the site was extremely slow and lacked basic functionality that glasses shoppers had grown to expect like multiple product images and switching between views.

When the team learned that Peepers was going to be featured in O, The Oprah Magazine … they needed to act fast. There was no way they could launch the new on their existing platform and no way the company could afford to fix it — especially if they wanted to capitalize on the huge spike in traffic Oprah was sure to bring in.

“It was frustrating,” says Hart, “because every time we wanted to change something, the ecommerce platform rep would quote us a price that was tough to swallow. We wound up sitting on so many ideas we just couldn’t do.”

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Peepers turned to Shopify Plus to quickly and dramatically improve the customer experience in time for Oprah.

With Shopify Plus, the team was able to build and launch a redesigned site they were actually proud of. The new site includes many of the desired features that weren’t possible on the old platform, like more diverse product views. The team reshot product images and updated descriptions quickly and easily using Shopify Plus.

Peepers customer story photo 2

Peepers was also able to leverage Shopify Plus to improve conversions across its checkout experience. Using custom HTML, the site now offers a seamless, visually consistent experience at each step. This has inspired trust and boosted sales.

With the help of Shopify Plus, the new was ready to handle as much traffic as Oprah could throw its way.

We were absolutely ecstatic! The new site inspires confidence in our brand and the customer response has been absolutely fantastic.

John HartEcommerce Manager, Peepers


Peeper’s new site maximized conversions from the Oprah feature and continues to help them grow by attracting more organic traffic. This was one of the company’s key objectives and has resulted in a financial windfall that’s still paying out today.

Not only does the new site attract more visitors, it’s also significantly better at converting them.

Organic traffic conversion rates have grown by 25-30%. The customized checkout played a big role in driving that increase, and Peepers has also seen a boost in average order value by 15-20%. The team plans to explore even more of Shopify Plus’ customization capabilities in the coming year.

We needed to keep growing and Shopify allows us to grow. The Shopify community is so vibrant and everyone is developing stuff to help us do even more.

John HartEcommerce Manager, Peepers

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