Shopify Plus ecommerce migration

One-on-one guidance from exploration to launch

The decision to change doesn’t come lightly

But it’s success — not failure — that drives enterprises to rethink their ecommerce solutions.

The costs of high-volume growth add up fast. Some are obvious: crashed sites, broken checkouts, and maintenance into the six figures. Others — like the opportunity costs of a platform that chews through IT resources — are more hidden.

Once you’ve had enough, the question is: “What’s next?”


A Shopify Plus consultant and Solutions Engineer will delve into your business’ existing requirements.

Often this means helping stakeholders align on the struggles that have led you to consider migration.

In addition to gathering technical specifications, exploration also involves outlining your industry’s competitive landscape, your organizational goals, and new growth opportunities.


Once onboard, an embedded Launch Engineer will coordinate timelines, deliverables, and roles.

Whether you’ll be working with a third-party agency, a Shopify Plus Partner, or relying on your in-house team, Launch Engineers act as project managers to keep everything on track.

As experts in the evolution of ecommerce, your Launch Engineer is both a technical concierge and strategic advisor.


Through a combination of replatforming tools and custom mapping, your Launch Engineer will oversee the transfer of customer, transaction, and product data.

Shopify’s RESTful API and ready-made SDKs ensure seamless integration with all major ERPs, PIMs, OMSs, CRMs, and 3PLs.


As your new home on Shopify Plus emerges, you’ll set up product taxonomies, opt in to Avalara tax automation, prepare customer communications, and customize your theme.

Because we’re built on Liquid — an open-source, Ruby-based language — Shopify Plus gives you full control over HTML, CSS, and Javascript to create vibrant, mobile-optimized customer experiences.


After extensive QA testing and customer use cases, your Launch Engineer will help you configure redirects, domain settings, and custom SSL certificates.

You’ll also be introduced to our Merchant Success team to ensure you launch with confidence, momentum, and fresh strategies.

Migration at a glance

  • 90-120 days for the average launch
  • Timelines, deliverables, and project roles coordinated with your Launch Engineer
  • API integration for data transfers and connecting ERPs, PIMs, OMSs, CRMs, and 3PLs
  • Access to seamless replatforming tools like nChannel and Cart2Cart
  • Robust theme selection, customization, and mobile support
  • Guidance through domain set up, redirects, product taxonomies, and documentation
  • Platform training and 24/7 priority support during migration and beyond

Take a tour of your new platform.

Cassie Smith, Ecommerce Manager at Jones Soda

“The move from Magento to Shopify Plus took four weeks. I knew some basic HTML and loved my in-house developer, but with the help of Shopify Plus’ Launch Engineer, I could do most everything myself. Whenever I had a question or request, they were there. The barrier to entry was almost non-existent, which felt freeing.”

Cassie SmithEcommerce Manager at Jones Soda

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