Wholesale ecommerce

Wholesale doesn’t have to be hard

Expand your market and sell to high-volume customers through a self-service-experience

A new channel for growth

Password-protected storefront for select customers and negotiated deals

With B2B ecommerce three times the size of B2C, merchants need a simple way to enter the wholesale ecommerce market and provide customers with a self-service buying experience.

Shopify Plus’ Wholesale channel makes high-volume selling seamless. Automatically generate a mobile-responsive wholesale storefront with your current branding, no development or coding required. List wholesale-specific products or collections with a click and set custom prices only your most valuable customers will see.

“Being able to automate the wholesale process changes how we build our team. It prevents us from missing 2 A.M. orders and keeps our customers from having to wait to place an order until we’re in the office. It just solves so many problems.”

Paul HodgeCEO of Laird Superfood

Sell more, sell faster

Automate your wholesale order management

Let wholesale ecommerce customers order when they want, how they want with full pricing and order management transparency. Enable credit card and online payments, or manually receive orders and send an invoice with negotiated discounts for customers that prefer a human touch.

  • Allow customers to quickly purchase, track, and reorder
  • Create custom price catalogs for individual customers or groups
  • Enable fixed-price lists, percentage off, or volume-based discounts
  • Review orders before invoicing for negotiated deals
  • Use custom pages to share commonly asked information like FAQs and terms
  • Automate the customer onboarding experience with account signup controls

“The Wholesale channel is allowing us to grow quicker than expected. The terms are determined on a buyer-by-buyer basis. As a result, wholesale has doubled for us over the last two months on a per-week basis.”

James BrooksFounder and CTO of The Elephant Pants

Launch in minutes

Expand into wholesale with simplicity

Use your existing branding, inventory, and customer data to generate a wholesale storefront. Chat with an expert about how to expand your business without worrying about maintenance or update headaches. Find out why simplicity and scalability aren’t incompatible directly from our customer stories.

  • Set minimum, maximum, and quantity increments per product
  • Apply minimum purchase amounts storewide or per customer
  • Sync inventory, orders, and customers automatically with your existing admin
  • Integrate the systems your business depends on: 3PL, OMS, ERP, and CRM
  • Customize navigation and product discoverability with no coding required

“As a manufacturer, our only goal is to create quality and functional products. The only experience that should be memorable is the product itself. Shopify Plus provides the most efficient and intuitive platform on the market. It allows us to focus on our priorities… namely, our products.”

Neil StuberBrand Manager at Hurraw! Balm

How can wholesale ecommerce grow your business?

Easy setup and order management

Launch in minutes from your existing store and lower your time to ROI

Automate wholesale with a self-service buying experience

Give customers the experience they deserve with personalized products and pricing

Increase average order value and volume

Sell directly to high-volume clients like resellers, retailers, and white-labelers

“The greatest myth around is that it’s quite difficult to get your sales channel up and running. Using Shopify Plus and the Wholesale channel is a fast and convenient way to get selling. Give your customers the optimal portal to streamline their ordering process.”

Pierre VerrierDirector of Design & Development at Noticed

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