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Types of businesses and choosing the best type of business structure

Starting a business offers an exciting journey, although many people contend with confusion when researching the types of business models and structures available. Business models provide a foundation for how a company delivers a product or service and generates income. Choosing the best type of business structure ultimately affects a business’s success. Consequently, understanding the different types of businesses available and business structure types can make the startup process simpler.

Types of small businesses

The wide range of business structure types might present a challenge for new entrepreneurs. Despite this, understanding the different types of businesses is required early on. New business owners can select from a range of business types, including nonprofit organization, franchise or an online business. Online businesses offer flexibility and are supported by ecommerce technologies. Shopify offers several online store options that make the shopping process easy for consumers. Our shopping cart solution delivers the security required to make consumer purchases safe and simple.

Types of business structures

Choosing the best type of business structure relies significantly on several factors. A business owner’s financial status and future business plans play a role in selecting the appropriate business structure. Essentially, there exist five business structures recognized by the Internal Revenue Service: sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, S corporations and the limited liability company.

The sole proprietorship works well for individuals running a business on their own. Sole proprietors pay a range of taxes from their own income, including the self-employment, social security and Medicare taxes. The partnership structure involves two or more people. The individuals involved in the business contribute their own finances and resources to the business. Corporations involve shareholders and an incorporated business can issue stock. People who form an S corporation can elect to pass financial gains to the shareholders of the business and can avoid double taxation. The limited liability company involves owners who are called members and this structure offers legal and financial protection for people who run the business as individuals.

Business owners should research the advantages and disadvantages offered by each type of business structure. For example, if a business owner decides to pursue a franchise opportunity, they should research the filing requirements in their state and determine what restrictions the franchiser places on the contract. In addition, people who choose to open a sole proprietorship should understand they could not offer stock later. Ultimately, reviewing the required financial commitment and understanding where the business is moving in the future will assist entrepreneurs with choosing the best business structure.

Types of business models

The type of business model selected by a business owner determines how the business generates income and provides a product or service. Multiple types of business models exist, including traditional, modern and blended. Some of the newer business models incorporate online business concepts, which provide business owners the opportunity to use ecommerce, online store or other shopping experiences. The types of business models available are highly flexible; business owners can blend portions of different models to meet their needs. The Internet has changed the way people communicate and offers a range of new business models. For example, many people use the affiliate marketing business model for online products.

The different types of small businesses and business structure types might make starting a business seem like a daunting task. Despite this, choosing the best type of business structure is simpler than it seems because some business structures work best for specific business types. Business owners interested in selling items online can use Shopify’s solutions to deliver a secure purchasing environment for consumers. Shopify provides the tools required to start an online business, process payments and deliver a positive user experience.