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Everything you need to start selling online today.

Worldwide shopping cart hosting.

Fast, reliable, unlimited bandwidth hosting for your online store.


PCI compliancy

As a Level 1 PCI compliant ecommerce
solution, your data is secure with Shopify.


Online — all the time

Shopify makes sure your site is always live.
Our track record stands at 99.98% uptime.


Setup without the hassles

Once you're signed up, website creation is
instant and we provide ongoing upgrades.


No limits on bandwidth

Bring on the traffic! You'll never have
to worry about increased hosting costs.


Impressive server speeds

Fast access is made possible through
Shopify's server network.


Fast load times.

Did you know that we were the first hosted ecommerce website platform to use a content delivery network (CDN)?

A CDN is a network of servers situated around the world that all work together to make sure customers everywhere can load your site quickly. Shopify uses the world-renowned Fastly.

Your domain

Customize your domain name.

Use an existing domain, buy a new one from Shopify or even use the one we give you for free ( Whatever your preference, it's easy with our shopping cart hosting system.